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Gabe Marquez

ENGL 1113-079
August 26, 2013
Class in America

Gregory Mantsios is the director and founder of the Joseph S.

Murphy Institute for Worker Education at the School of Professional
Studies at the City University of New York. The Institute was created as
a center to conduct research, organize public forms, publish
educational material, and develop new leadership. Mantsios mainly
works to set up college degree programs for students in the poor and
working class backgrounds. Mantsios has a B.A. in sociology and M.A.
in urban studies from Queens College, and a Ph.D. in sociology from
the Union Institute and University. His interests of study include the
areas of poverty, inequality, labor relations, and education. This article
of Class in America first appeared along with an entry published in
2000 titled, Myths and Realities. This entry describes how a persons
class, social status, race, gender, and religion can affect their life.
I think that the purpose of this article is to raise awareness for
how America has rejected the use of the word class, and how there is
a gap between the rich and poor. The article also mentions how a
persons state in social class will affect their education and life in the
future. The speaker of this article is the author, Gregory Mantsios. The
audience the article is speaking to is the American citizen. The context

of this article takes place in the year 2000, during a time when nearly
33 million Americanslived in unrelenting poverty. It was also the
time when the gap between the rich and poor and between rich and
the middle class is larger than it has ever been.