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This work shall consist of furnishing and installing bridge deck drains
and deck drainage systems in accordance with 702 and 715.
Materials shall be in accordance with 702 and 715.
Construction Requirements
Install bridge deck drainage systems including but not limited to
roadway drains, cast iron pipe, hangers assemblies, anchor straps, pipe
sleeves, expansion couplers, expansion joints, and cleanouts to the locations
and dimensions as shown on the plans.
All other construction requirements shall be in accordance with 702 and
Method of Measurement
Bridge Deck Drainage System will not be measured for payment.
Basis of Payment
Bridge Deck Drain System will be paid for at the contract lump sum


Payment will be made under:

Pay Item

Pay Unit Symbol

Bridge Deck Drainage System......................LS

The cost of all necessary incidentals for the Bridge Deck Drainage
System shall be included in the cost of the above pay item.