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Since the hotel is surrounded by various preserves, the ideal solution would

be to incorporate these natural landmarks as incentives for room reservations. The

project would focus on developing activities for hotel guests in each of the natural
locations. For example, the people in charge of the lake events would create
activities, such as boating, sailing, and lake diving, for the visitors to enjoy.
Furthermore, activities in the rainforest and wildlife would include bird and animal
watching, hiking, sightseeing, etc. These activities will help to make the hotel visit
more interactive and cost-effective for hotel guests. All of the activities would also
include tour guides who can inform the hotel guests about local environment. This
knowledge handed to the hotel visitors would not only bring awareness for the
preserves, but also raise the reputation of the hotel because the tourists will know
that the hotel pays attention to its local environment. In addition, another goal of
the project would be to collect donations from the hotel guests which will directly
benefit the preserves. With the addition of this project, Hotel Gringo Perdido, which
is already known for its great amenities, will see an increase in its reputation,
therefore alleviating its problem with room reservations.

Enabling progress through entrepreneurial action means creating

organizations or building on an existing organization in order to provide a solution to
a social problem. This problem can exist in any field because it causes a hindrance
to the community. However, social entrepreneurship can help to fix this by creating
specific projects which set goals in order to support progress one step at a time.
One project that I believe will enable progress is creating a program in local
Ann Arbor elementary schools that will teachs the students the basics of computer
programming. Computer science has a significant influence on modern technology
and it is constantly evolving and growing. Kids know how to use their iPads and
iPhones, but learning the science behind the technology will let them know how the
devices actually work. Currently, students dont start learning computer science
until the later years of high school. However, if kids were to start to learn about the
field at an earlier age, their thought process will significantly change. Furthermore,
another essential subject that most elementary/middle school students dont learn
at school is personal finance (credit vs. debit, bank accounts, managing money,
etc.). Learning these skills will help them tremendously when it comes to managing
their own money and investments during college. Also, it will help them to develop
interest in the field of business.