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Marketing Channels:

Cold Marketing cold call, door-to-door selling, blind direct mails

Mass Marketing newspaper, TV ads, affiliate
Existing CR (of others) complimentary products, endorsed relationship
Search Marketing
One to One Marketing one refers to others network marketing, word of
mouth, viral
Start with response-based marketing models
2 Phases of Marketing to avoid selling to s.o who doesnt even know you yet
External: lead generation advertising, getting attention
Internal: lead conversion converting to sales
Testing: >80% of advertising and marketing tests fail ~ dont bring enough sales
10 Commencements of Powerful Response Marketing Documents
1. Show them that theyre in the right place IMMEDIATELY
Can be negative (reduce pain) or positive (favorable results)
Focus on what they want, not what I want them to want.
2. Know the emotional hot buttons or pain points. Say them over and over.
Relate everything to them and the outcome theyre looking for.
3. Talk personally, in one-to-one conversational tone.
4. Design everything to be easily understood A way that naturally
evokes confidence & trust.
5. Leave them better off than they were when they arrive by giving sth they
can use to get closer to their desired results NOW.
6. Make them feel Im trustworthy, authentic, and authoritative (by showing
the good the bad the ugly).
7. Make them feel theyve discovered a wonderful secret personal
resource, a go-to advantage that they can access whenever they need.
8. Tell them my story of how me, my product, service came to be in a way
that resonates with them on a personal individual level. Tell my passion for
helping you.
9. Tell them exactly what to do in order to take the next step to get the
result that they want. Convert your methods into a currency that they
can understand intuitively.
10.Take away their risk or turn it around that I, as a business owner, have
more than them.
Biz Owners talk about their greatness, customers seeking solutions to their
The Elements of Marketing

Headlines: Ads of the Ads. Appealing words: now, new, announcing, free,
how to
Write simple copy. Clear and straightforward. Use short words. Short
paragraphs, long copy, tell my whole story.
Enter into a conversation that the prospect already has in their mind
Get out of the psychological illusion that Im a big company trying to
impress people, to sell the product.
Motivation by scarcity - limiting quantity or time, exclusivity - having
exclusive offer, bonuses best done in surprise

Words have Power

What are the customers really looking for, in the final end?
Design: Good design should be invincible, amplify the message, never distract
from it David Ogilvy Ogilvy on Advertising
1 Dominant visual element, only 1
Clear visual hierarchy follow natural reading gravity
Borrow from editorial companies
Big bold headlines
Sub headlines
Drop caps
Bulleted List
Narrow columns
Captions for pictures

of Thumb for Great Design Clarity, not Beauty

Rules of Third
2 font types 3 max
2 sizes 3 max
2 complimentary colors 3 max
2 alignments 3 max, Left, dont center, justified