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AP F'nglish
Ms. Weber

26 lan 2015

love ard Marriage

tlas anyone ever wodered what b the average


thatpeopb getmrrbd? Lateklhe average

ago for

peopb geting marbd is twenty six for fenrales and trxrenty eight for nrabs. I stoongly believe that

ttrc marriage and birth rate age are declining all over the world because oftlre stess that peoph are

Not everyone is able to find tire in ften brsy lift to cormit thermehres to a significant otkr.

People are busy with schoolin& worlq or raising a chiH alone. For a whib,

spoi Peopb couH not stryport themelves rather than srpport

th ecorcry

a spouse and/or a

was in a hard

fimIy dlriqg tlrc

receft recessbn The minreasonthat the mrriage age ad birthrate age b bwer is because peopb do
nothave ths time and moneyto srpporttlprmelves and dedbate theirtims to a bving frmlr.
Ttte.rmrnage rate has dropped fve perced within one year (Cohn 2). This takes into
consideration all ages, not
ages eigfrteento

jrst yomg people or oHer adufts. Approxinrately

twerfynine are rmrried (2). Ffiy five

mrried witha fimily. The age to getrmrried


have a role to



trruenty percent


1,ears ago, corryles tliese ages were aheady

risensixpars frrnsles and ftnales. The Recession

in tbe decrease ofweddings (3).

Why is the age to get rmrried rbng? Some peoph are prtti4g otrnrarriage and chldren They

wad to live thir lives to tk firlbst withou being taken by sorneone qpecial Other peopb want to



atfteirworkphce. Ifadulh

have justbeengranted a

newjob, theydo notwadto take tine

offofwork to rabe ttreir chiHren Also, tlrcyhave schoolbans to payback

and those are not cheap.

Peopb are not


clnldren at a loung age becarse they are srmrt ernugfo to know that trrey will not

be financially stable to rabe a chiH on strdeff ban debt.

Ipredbtthattre rmrrbge rate willstayabotfr

the sarre agg range as it is now, forthe coming

fifiure. Manypeople are incolbgs bngsrthanfotryears nowadap. Collegs graduates have

hans, car pa)4rlerts, and insurarce/to pay for. Sonre peoph go to school



e finding a

do not have



gst a degree br* have a

job hter in me. Now that thy have qped the tmney on treir colhge edrcatbn, tby

job and &erefore are fnding thrmehes deeper in debt and are getting sr.pport tomthe


Overal, the natbn b waiting hter in ffie to devote onesefto a brrcd ore.


reason b because

ore siryly does mt have tirre or money to do it riglt after higft school or colhge. At least peopb are
srmrt enougfo to refiain fiom having chiklren ifthey are not conpbtely ready. It is a big responsibihy
and b hard to bahnce

frmly wih

a new

job. With


and patbnc6verything will frlt itro phce at one

tinrc or anotber. Peopb should not rush a frmly befure ttey are coryletely






foarcialty stabb.

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