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THIS DOCUMENT IS 26 PAGES LONG Name Date, The Articles of Confederation was the first document created to form a central government after the War of Independence. Colonies were still very fearful of a government that was too strong. They gave only certain powers to the central government. Find out what powers Congress had ‘and what powers were restricted under the Articles of Confederation, In your textbook, see pages 296-299. See also Ben's Guide website at http://bensguide.gpo.gow/ . Comparison of Powers ... KEY States Central Government Each state had its own laws and constitution. Articles of Confederation created a weak central government. Each one printed their own money and decided the rules of trade for that state. This made is hard for them to trade with each other and other countries, ‘The Congress could print and borrow money, but it could not make the states pay money or require taxes. Each state had the right to form an army to protect its citizens and enforce its laws. The right to bear arms was kept with the states. Congress could make treaties with other nations and it could declare war, but it could not form an army to carry out the treaties or the war, Main Idea: The Articles of Confederation created a government that could not solve the problems of the new nation. Ability to trade with other nations Pay debt from the revolutionary war D Protect citizens Revised April 2009 10