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Kalam has been started with one beautiful dream

'power of education for everyone. We the people
are the watchers among rest of the society who
see little children picking garbage, washing
utensils, begging and much more. Everyone feels
sorry for them and some might go out of the way
and give some money to them thinking they just
helped a poor kid but there only few people who
are in the true sense are enriching their lives and
making a difference.Kalam is an initiative to help
these children to turn their life around. We at
kalam are creating awareness about importance
of education to the children living in slums and
on streets.Kalam is sincerely working towards
enrolling each and every child into the schools
and bringing a pen in their hand rather than
rags.Kalam has a dedicated team of volunteers
who selflessly teach these children.Kalam is just
in its beginning days and has a long way to go
and on its way it hopes to change a few lives. We
humbly invite all the people who want to be a
part of this noble cause and spread some
happiness. We firmly believe that the hands of
every child should rise to ask questions and not
to beg.


Technologies Used:

1. HTML 5: The basic tags are used in this like <div>,

<span>, <address>,<blockquote> etc.
2. CSS 3: This is used to style the tag elements of
HTML5 and is used in this project for effects and

3. JavaScript: Javascript and JQuery is used for slider

transitions and onclick() events along with the
generation of alerts in the website
APIs of Google maps, Google Docs and Youtube are
also used which is supported by the <iframe> tag
of HTML5.

Future Scope
The website can be extended on mobile framework
by including the <meta> tag of HTML5 and using
the attributes like scale to map it to the viewport
size i.e. the mobile screen size. Also a user
feedback form is yet to be added in the website.