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:Corporate intent

:Mission Statement
.Saving people money so they can live better
Their mission statement is very vague and does not help people
understand in which type of business they are competing. And what they
want to be or their reason for being. And it's not specific. It's missing all
the nine elements of the mission statement they really need to revise their
mission statement and improve it. And make it more customer and market
:Goals and objectives (strategic and financial)
Their main goal was to expand globally as they were relying heavily on the
overseas sales to drive profits and they were seeking aggressively to
.expand globally. And to sustain their growth
Their main strategic objectives were larger market share and wider
geographic coverage like they opened their stores all around the globe
and to discover new growth opportunities. And they also focused on
.Everyday Low prices that also provide a good quality product
Now their main financial objectives were return on investments and profit
.growth, return on equity. And to sustain all of their profits
:Strategies used at Corporate Level
Wal Mart uses a combination of strategies like low cost products and
leadership. Another strategy was product development like opening
.restaurants and remodeling stores
:Strategies used at Business Unit level
They used low cost strategy in it by providing low cost products at good
quality. And they did joint ventures and partnerships in different regions to
.compete successfully