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January 30,2015 Letter of Recommendation for Carlie Engels Dear Sir: It is with great pleasure that I write the following letter of recommendation for Carlie Engels. My name is Chuck Michaels and I sit on the Board of Trustees for Arizona State University. Additionally, my wife and | run a scholarship program for 20 undergraduate ASU students where we provide financial support and guidance to this select group of aspiring leaders. Itis through this scholarship program that I've gotten to know Carlie extremely well over the past four years. Carlie is bright, energetic and studious. She has a very warm and inviting personality and other students naturally gravitate towards her. Carlie strives for high academic achievement and places a great value on her education. She has a 4.0 cumulative GPA and will be graduating Summa Cum Laude, Carlie is part of the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College where she has held two semesters long internships and one year long student teaching position. She has worked with students first, second and third grade. Through these experiences she has grown dramatically and displayed many of the qualities necessary to be an outstanding teacher: adaptability, creativity, patience, compassion and ability to instill the joy of learning, Thave been mentoring College students for well over a decade and I can personally attest that Carlie is one of the finest young women | have ever encountered. Here are just a few examples to highlight her uniqueness. Early in her ASU experience, she joined a sorority, Delta Zeta. For several years, Carlie assumed numerous leadership positions at Delta Zeta especially around their annual Philanthropic weekend, DZ Dukeout. All of the money raised goes to the Painted Turtle Camp, a camp in California for chronically ill children. Finally, as part of our scholarship program, we require high academic achievement, regular updates and dialogue as well as community service. Carlie has eagerly participated in all aspects of our program and exceeded even our lofty expectations. Additionally, on several occasions where a student in our program was struggling we asked Carlie to step in as an on campus mentor. Carlie gave freely of her time and energy and really positively impacted the students she worked with I can’t think of a better person to recommend to you. 1am available to discuss her qualifications in more detail. Please feel free to reach out to me at (415) 706 0346 if you would like additional insights into her character and commitment. Sincerely, Cub) ute "fpaleas