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Applications of Balanced Scorecard

The balanced scorecard is a method to measure the activities of a company in terms of

its vision and strategy and be able to provide a global view of business performance.
It is a tool applied to business management that shows when a company achieve the
results given by the strategic plan, it is also a tool to help the company meet your
expectations . The main objective is to fulfill the mission given from the beginning so
we can evaluate the performance has been taken over a period of time.
For the implementation of a balanced scorecard should take into account criteria such
as : the time it was performed, to assess levels , the area where it was made and
economic situations.
To put into practice the scorecard should:
Analyze the situation.
Analysis of the company.
Study needs .
Set the control panel according to the needs.
In a first stage, the company should know in what situation is , assess the situation and
recognize the information that will be able to count at any time or stage , both the
environment as normally handles .
The second stage the company must clearly define the roles that compose so that
needs can be studied by levels of responsibility.
They should not lose sight of the basic objectives to be achieved by the scorecard
because nonprofit achieve, you can hardly understand the creation of certain reports.
It is important to note that the content of any scorecard, not reduced only to figures or
numbers, must be a very specific content for each department or for each charge.
Similarly, it must be borne in mind that the information handled on a given command
box can be valid for another.
The information you can get and use the company, depending on their nature, may be
valid for one or the other Dashboards. The information contained in the CMI can be
divided into two areas: external and internal.

Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala.

Inga. Tatiana Violeta Vallejo
Section: N
Deyris Humberto Palencia Mndez


Applications of Balanced Scorecard

Date: 07-04-14