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Fire Walls and Proxies

1. What does a Fire Wall do? A fire wall blocks connections that are
connected to rules. These rules block un-authorised traffic such as
hackers. Can protect you from traffic from viruses as well.
2. What does a proxy server do? A proxy server is a server which filters
and monitors all traffic that gets through the firewall. The internet
can get through the firewall but what some things typed into can be
blocked because of the server. For example: Murder, teacher killings
and etcwill be connected but will be blocked because of the rules it
3. How can both be used to block connections/file traffic? By blocking
the un-authorised connections
and trafficking all the rude and
un-appropriate searches both
ensure a friendly good
computer. The proxy will protect
from inside and the firewall
protect from the outside.


Explain how a firewall could be

used to secure the data in a
computer connected to the
internet? (3 marks) The firewall
will firstly protect you by bouncing back all the un-authorised traffic
that the rules do not allow. Also helps prevent viruses by controlling
all incoming and outgoing connections.
5. Schools are concerned with the possibility that students are using
the schools internet connections to access undesirable sites. Name
and describe 2 security methods the school could use to prevent this
from happening again? (4 marks)
Method 1: Firewall
Description: A component that blocks/bounces back un-authorised
Method 2: Proxy Server
Description: A device that filters and manages internet connections.

6. Name and describe 3 network devices.

Name: Hub
Description: Broadcasts packets to all computers
Name 2: Switch
Description: Like a Hub but understands where to send
data to its selected destination.
Name 3: Firewall
Description: A component of the computer that protects
your user from hackers and viruses.
7. Which applies to LAN and which applies to WLAN?
Faster transmission of data LAN
Greater security - LAN
Cheaper - WLAN
1. (8) Give two advantages of him having his small amount
of computers networked.
First advantage - Share data more easily.
Second advantage Share the internet together.
1. (9) Ring two network devices.
Magnetic tape