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Dolphin Fish

The Book About Dolphin Fish

Table of Contents

Page-3 Name of Dolphin Fish

Page-4 The Dolphin Fish Appearance
Page-5 Dolphin Fish Movement and Diet
Page-6 Dolphin Fish Defense/Offense
Page-7 The Dolphin Fish Enemies
Page-8 Dolphin Fishs Behavior
Page-9 The Dolphin Fish Habitat and Range
Page-10 Adaptions of a Dolphin Fish
Page-12 Life Cycle and Reproduction
Page-13 Fun Facts

Name of The Dolphin Fish

Dolphin Fish are called many
different names like (Mahi Mahi) or
Dorado the scientific name for the
dolphin fish is Coryphaena Hippurus
witch means valued as food; about
sixteen feet long.

A baby Dolphin Fish is known

as a fry.
A male Dolphin Fish is known
as a bull
A female is called a cow
And finally a group of Dolphin
Fish is called a school.

The Dolphin
Dolphin Fish sport many body colors.metallic blues and greens on the back
and sides with white and yellow
underneath. Many Dolphin fish have
blue, green, and black spots.

A large dolphin fish is 3 feet long and weighs 30 to 28 pounds

A new born is 2-3 mm long and weighs 2 ounces
And finally a school of each dolphin fish is 1-20 pounds

Dolphin Fish Movement and Diet

Dolphin fish travel and

get to places just by
swimming in the Gulf
stream. The Dolphin fish
a adaption of moving is
that its super fast and
very aggressive to fight

The Dolphin fish eats

almost any form of small
fish and zooplankton also
crustaceans and squid
they catch them by
speeding towards its

The Dolphin Fish are in the middle of the food chain theyre predator and prey

Dolphin Fish Defense/Offence

Dolphin fish ram or fight or defend against predators

by swimming super fast and using there fighting
ability of fighting super good
A Dolphin Fish species survival status
The Dolphin fish are not exiting or endangered
And there habit is not being taken from them.

The Dolphin fish Enemies

In the Atlantic ocean, Albacore Tuna, Yellow fin Tuna, and

Blue marlin are all predators to the dolphin fish. More
Predators in the western pacific are Marlin Bills, Black Marlin,
And Sail Fish. Also Sword Fish, Sharks, and some Sea Birds

Dolphin Fish
Dolphin Fish are usually alone and
hang around floating objects and
also hang around F.A.D or Fish
Aggregating Devices witch
aquiarums and ships. But Sometimes
Dolphin Fish are in schools.

Dolphin Fish
Habitat and
Dolphin Fish lives in open salt
water that are tropical and subtropical. But Dolphin Fish cant
live in freezing water. But they
usually travel through the Gulf
The warm water in
orange and yellow is the
gulf stream.

Adaptions of a Dolphin Fish

The Dolphin Fishs adaptions are agerrisevess to fight predators and fast swimming to get
Away from predators. The reason the these ability's are adaptions is because were they are
They can protect there self from most things.

These are Dolphin Fish Swimming from a Sword Fish

Life Cycle and

of a Dolphin
Dolphin Fish spawn in pairs. The
eggs hatch in the tropics, sometimes
in the Florida current but mostly in
the Gulf Stream. All have pelagic
eggs and larvae; spawning generally
occurs during the summer (June to
September) But all the time in the
Gulf Stream because its warm

A Dolphin Fish Classification

Species-Coryphanna Hippurus

Fun Facts about

Dolphin Fish
Dolphin fish Live in The Fast Lane.
Theyre rapidly growing fish.
Dolphin Fish are fished and are a
very good meal. These fish are warm
water fish, and if you are fishing for
them use trolling bait.