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Reading Program
November 21, 2014

Purpose: To help promote literacy

at Miles Intermediate
Targeted Audience: 3rd and 4th
grade students
Person(s) Responsible: Media
Specialist, teachers, LA coach, Ms.
Mills (photographer)
Time: 9:00am-10:30am
Proposal of program
The Media Specialist will
communicate with the 4th and 5th
grade teachers to assist with
identifying students in the 4th and
5th grade who are fluent readers
and will be willing to take part with
reading to the 3rd(4th graders) and 4th(5th
grade students classes for

WAR day. There will be a need for

a total of 9 4thand 5th grade
Once the students have been
identified, the media specialist will
meet with those students and
explain that they will be part of a
program in which they will read out
loud to two third or two fourth
grade classes and assist with an
extension activity for the book. The
teachers will receive the extension
materials prior to the visit from
students. One book will be read
per class per rotation. There will be
a two rotation session of approx. 45
minutes each. The media specialist
will choose books that the students

will be able to read and prior to the

program, meet with those students
and have them practice in the
Media Center.
Announcements will be made and
flyers given out letting students
know that we will be having a WAR
Day at school to help promote
reading. As part of WAR Day,
students and teachers will be asked
to wear any type camouflage. The
class that has the most camouflage
worn on each grade level will
receive a small treat.
The 4th and 5th grade students who
read that day will enjoy some
refreshments at the conclusion of

the program in the Media Center as

a Thank You.
Books to be Read along with
extension activity
A Chair for my Mother(4th)-Close

Read aloud in cooperative groups working on

answering guiding questions/completing a
story map

Zen Shorts (4th)-Write a letter to Stillwater

expressing to him a story about themselves, ask Stillwater
for advice, or tell him what they like about his stories.

The Day Jimmys Boa Ate the

Wash(3rd)-working in cooperative groups to

answer comprehension questions about the

story/sharing with the class

Pet Show (3rd) Answering whole group

comprehension questions and having an
imaginary animal show/creating a class book;
students will write descriptions of their animal
and create an illustration.
Readers for 4th grade(5th grade students)
Amaya Sharpe

David Leverett
Deonte Washington
Mycah Mott
Readers for 3rd grade (4th grade students)
Gracie Benton
Kenyanna Taylor
Kierra Ruth
Latrelle Hall
Laterious Hall
Leia Avaloy

Meeting dates with students- Timeline

October 28, 2014- Initial meeting. (Send home
notices to parents) Explain to students about WAR
Day. Students will listen to excerpts from the books
via.Teachingbooks.net. Students will have an initial
reading of their book. Everyone @ 1:15pm
November 4, 2014- Meet with participants.
Students will read book to Ms. Bivins. Ms. Bivins
will advise students of unknown words, reading
with expression etc. 4th @ 8:30am. 5th @ 1:00pm

November 18,2014- Ms. Bivins will answer any

questions/concerns students may have. Students
will read assigned book once more.
November 21, 2014- Students will meet in the
media center @ 8:45am. Students will collect their
book for reading and the class they will report to.
@ 10:30am students will come back to the media
center and enjoy some donuts and juice as a
Thank You.

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