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Lesson Cycle

Lesson Title/Topic: Articles of Confederation vs. United States Constitution

Target Concept: 8th Grade American History
Standards/Rationale: TEKS National Standards 113.41.c.1.A
Lesson Objectives: Identify the similarities
and differences between the Articles of
Confederation and the US Constitution by
creating a Venn diagram with 90 percent

Assessment: Create questions and then

answer questions for Kahoot with a 75% or
higher proficiency rate.

Lesson Cycle:
The teacher will:
Focus/Mental Set:
Put a map on the board, and provide a paper
with a blank at the top where we ask what the
shape on the board is, and a list of 20 names.
1. Shape of original 13 colonies to
2. List circle 5 old Patriots that
signed the US Constitution and 5 NE
Teacher Input:
After a video, Crash Course History,
http://youtu.be/bO7FQsCcbD8, the teacher
will lead a discussion based on the video and
handout. Questions will include:
1. The Constitution was ratified in the year
2. Under the Articles of Confederation, ____
of the 13 States were needed to pass a law.
3. The _______ Plan of representation was
favored by large states (like Virginia).
4. Slave States favored the ___ Compromise
to count their slave population.
5. ___________ argued against a strong,
central government.
Other Discussion Questions not from the
handout could be:

The student will:

Identify the area on the map in the blank at
the top of the paper provided. Students will
then highlight 5 signatories and 5 NE Patriots
in two different colors. The first minute the
students will work alone, then the students
will have 30 seconds to confer with a partner.
All students who have 3 correct on each side
can play trashcan basketball. After
individually working on the list (1 min), the
students can walk around and ask the class for
aid as a group (30 sec).
Take notes, based on blanks on a handout
while watching the video, and be able to
discuss the content in a group discussion after
(it will be a large group discussion facilitated
by the teacher).

1) Why is taxation an important job for a

2) Do you think Slavery was better handled
under the Constitution or the Articles?
The teacher will facilitate a guided discussion
that includes the entire class, focusing on
similarities and differences between the
Articles and the Constitution and on the
functions and why of the two.
Guided Practice:
Monitor and help if needed.

Independent Practice:
Take up the exit tickets.




Split in pairs and using book and video

resources, the students will create a Venn
Diagram with 5 similarities and 5 differences
between the Articles on Confederation and
the Constitution.
The partners will come up with 3 questions
and answers to load into trivia activity
Cahoot. They will answer all the questions
individually in a classroom setting.
Completed Venn diagrams with 5 similarities
and 5 differences with names of paired
students at the top are exit tickets.