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I was honesty regretting the start of this Semester 2. I was so afraid of failing English
Proficiency this semester. After a few classes, I saw this one was different from all the
others that I had taken before. In this class, I learned to listen, pay attention to detail,
and not be afraid to ask for help. This final portfolio was not as hard as I first thought. It
did take a great deal of time. I worked very hard on detail and the format of the task
given. Therefore, when my audience reads my essays that the content tasks project and
the essays within it. Which prior to this class I would have been terrified to do. This
website shows my writing strength of never giving up and never except mediocre work
as my own. It does show some of my weaknesses as a student. These tasks did have
its challenges but I greatly enjoyed putting the final portfolio together and hope that
future classes will give me an opportunity to express my artistic creativity as this
semester ended.
This semester was the second time I had taken English WAJ3103. In previous
classes, it was like here is the assignment do it. No offers of help, I was afraid to ask for
help because the limit of the opportunity. This was the first time in all those classes that I
really got what it was about. This year I learned that writing is a way to communicating
what is in my head. It is a way to explain what I think about the subject at hand. It is way
for me to express myself. This class taught me to no longer be afraid of what people
think of my writing but to just put it out there. I am happy to write again after this class,
which has not happened since I was a child. I want to write more now, especially after
doing better this semester. I loved putting it together and want to add more to it as the
semester goes by. I want people to know what I think and what my rational is. This year
I learned most of all not to give up and to keep on writing, because I can and I could.
As a student, this course gave me an opportunity to put forth my hardest work
into one great theme. I worked on this course over the whole semester putting in a total
of 5 hours, in 5 meeting to complete the final portfolio. Each task with its consecutive
topic has a character to it..

The weaknesses this final project shows in my writing, I am so afraid of running

off track and getting of the subject, all too often my writing is too vague. I did do my best
at trying to get the citations and works cited topic done correctly. I did learn this
semester a great appreciation for the proper citation of others work. I know that I would
want someone to cite my work well so I get credit for all the hard work I have done. I am
Over all, I am very happy with this class, the tasks, and my final portfolio. This
class has given me confidence. It has also introduced me to some very cool people. My
fellow students in this class and their peer review are what made it possible to have a
great result. Each task provided a different challenge. These challenges made me want
to learn more and improve my writing with each assignment. The assignments were
challenging but the instruction made them do able. I am very proud of the work I have
done for my portfolio. Even though it shows my weaknesses and strengths as a student.
The weaknesses only mean I am human and have more to learn. These weaknesses
too will become strengths later in my next course.