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Savage Park

A Meditation on Play, Space, and Risk for Americans Who Are Nervous,
Distracted, and Afraid to Die by Amy Fusselman
About the Book
Part memoir, part manifesto, this exploration of the underside of America's obsession with safety
is prompted by the author's visit to a thrillingly alarming adventure playground in Tokyo

About the Author

Amy Fusselman is the author of The Pharmacists Mate and 8. As Dr. Fusselman, she writes the
Family Practice parenting column for McSweeneys Internet Tendency. Her work has also appeared in the
New York Times Magazine, Ms., Hairpin, and ARTnews. She lives in New York City.

Further Discussion
1. What do you think play is after reading this book? Why?
2. Why is play important?
3. How can adults support childrens play?
4. How can adults play more themselves? Why should they want to?
5. What is the function of this text being nonlinear? What is the author trying to do?