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Student Teaching Goals

1. To become comfortable with myself as an authority figure and professional educator

2. To get experience in teaching to gain mastery of any subject matter in order to become
successful and comfortable with my abilities and skills, as well as, helping my students become
successful learners
3. To gather a variety of classroom resources and teaching tools
With every teaching field experience, it has been my goal to become comfortable with myself as a
professional educator and authority figure, rather than only being a student. Now that I am student
teaching, it is my goal to continue working on how I develop relationships with the students and faculty
at my supporting school. All through college, my role has always been the student rather than the
teacher, always being taught rather than doing the teaching. It is my hope that I will grow comfortable
with taking control of a classroom on my own and developing a professional relationship with my
cooperating teacher and the students in my classroom. It is my goal to be able to define the line of a
personal and professional role with the students, rather than to become one of their friends. It is also
my goal to become comfortable with classroom management and being an authority figure to my
students by gaining their respect and making my expectations clear from the start.

My content knowledge of certain subjects, such as math and science, are not my strong suits when it
comes to teaching, therefore it is my goal to step outside of my comfort zone in order to gain the
experience and practice needed to successfully teach all subjects. In order to step outside of my comfort
zone and gain the experience needed to be successful in teaching all subject areas, I will take all
opportunities presented in the classroom that will allow me to improve on my skills and abilities to
teach my weakest subject area. I will also work on being open to all constructive criticism and
observations from my teacher that will help me critique my approach and delivery as an instructor.
It is my goal to obtain a variety of resources and tools from my cooperating teacher and supporting
school that will help me improve my teaching abilities as a first year educator. During my eight week
placement, I will observe and collect as many tools techniques, and resources from my teacher, as well
as other educators, that I am able to in my short time at Corvallis Primary School. It is my hope that, by
the end of this placement, I will have an abundance of websites, programs, games, lessons and activities
that I will have access to that will help me during my first year as a teacher and my future as a
professional educator.