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Marketing III

Strategic Paper 1
Submitted by:
Group 7, Section H
Team Golf
Strategic Gap:
Where are we?
Currently, we are one of the 7 firms in a highly competitive
electronic industry where all players operate with similar
products. Due to the recent deregulation, we can expect a rise in
the competition. Our market share is equivalent to that of the
other 6 firms (13%) and so are the profits. Right now, we are
manufacturing 3 products and operate in a market which is
divided into 5 segments which are based upon their preferences
for the age, price, style and positioning of the product. Currently,
we produce homogenous products, i.e. our products are similar to
those of the other firms in the above criteria.
What do we want to be by the end of round 10?
By the end of round 10, we aim to be the market leader in all the
market segments and for all the products that we produce by that
time. Indirectly, this also means that we wish to achieve high
efficiency and profits