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Lilit Bayburtian


I am a dedicated educator with over 9 years of experience in elementary education, committed to
creating a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging and supportive for all students. I am
adept at using the traditional teaching techniques as well as utilizing the most recent technological
advancements such as Promethean board, wikis, prezis and animations.

Flexible and Adaptive
Differentiated instruction specialist
ActivIspire knowledge
Common Core familiarity
IEPs knowledge
Urban public school background

Trilingual in English, Armenian and

Modern educational technology utilizer
Knowledgeable in creating educational
websites, prezis, wikis and animations to
promote technological literacy and
student engagement

2nd grade teacher
August 2004 March 2013
Rachel Carson Elementary School
Gaithersburg, MD
Throughout my tenure at Rachel Carson Elementary, I have utilized my educational background,
learned from colleagues and administrators, developed and grew my knowledge and skills, and
applied all of it in a classroom setting to educate and nurture my students. Here's a selective
summary of my key activities:
Created lesson plans in accordance with the state curriculum and school-wide curriculum standards.
Established clear objectives for all lessons, units and projects.
Set and communicated ground rules for the classroom based on respect and personal responsibility.
Used childrens literature to teach and reinforce reading, writing, grammar and phonics.
Employed a broad range of instructional techniques to retain student interest and maximize
Observed and assessed student performance throughout the year and kept track of their progress.
Differentiated instruction according to individual student's ability and skill level.
Met with children individually and in small groups to help them with difficult subjects and concepts.
Implemented remedial programs for students requiring extra assistance, and encouraged all
students to persevere with
challenging tasks.
Identified early signs of emotional, developmental or health problems in students and followed up
with parents.
Established positive relationships with students, parents, fellow teachers and school administration.
Collaborated with other staff members to plan and schedule lessons promoting learning and student
Delegated tasks to teacher's assistants and volunteers.
Worked outside normal hours to be available to answer parent and student questions.

Incorporated modern educational technology in creating lessons to promote tech-literacy and

student engagement.

Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education
December, 2003
University of Maryland - College Park, MD, 20742
Master of Education, Instructional Technology
May, 2015
University of Maryland - College Park, MD, 20742

English as a Second Language Certified
Junior Great Books Certified