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Student's Name: Gwen

Age: 11
Test Date: March 15 2014
Description of Testing Situation:
Gwen is a family friend of mine. I picked Gwen up from her house and
brought her to my house to complete the fluency assignment. Gwen
has a younger brother so I knew he would be a distraction at her
house. The setting was at my kitchen table where there were no
distractions and appropriate lighting. Gwen informed me that she has
done a fluency test at school before. She also told me she loves to read
and mystery books are her favorite! She cooperated very well within
the environment during the fluency assessment. Since she loves to
read, she was eager to read the passages. She was also motivated to
read the passages above her grade level.
Performance Levels:
Passage Level (Frustration, Instructional, Independent)
Independent- Gwen averaged a 99.4% of reading words correctly.
Reading Rate:
5th Grade Level- 173 words per minute. Gwen's reading rate falls
under the 75th percentile on Hasbrouck and Tindal's Oral Reading
Fluency Forms.
I know that fluency diagnosis should be done at the student's
instructional level. Since the 5th grade passages were not challenging
to Gwen, I presented her with 6th and 7th grade passages. With the
6th and 7th grade passages, she averaged 162 words per minute,
which is at a 99% independent level.
Prosody Skills
5th Grade Level: 15 in accordance with Rasinski's rubric
Gwen made minimal mistakes when reading. She reads with good
phrasing and adheres to punctuation. She reads smoothly and is quick
to self-correct. She also reads at a conversational pace. I did notice
that at times she slips into expressionless reading.
Student's Strengths & Needs:

Gwen's prosody and fluency were outstanding for her grade level. She
had great phrasing and adhered to punctuation in the passages. Her
fluency skills are definitely advanced for her grade level. She was
making minimal mistakes when reading sixth and seventh grade
passages. She was quick to self-correct. The only need I see for Gwen
is to read with expression throughout the entire passage. I did notice at
times she slips into expressionless reading.
Recommended Goals:
I would recommend that Gwen read aloud more often with a family
member, friend, or classmate. She could practice reading with
expression throughout the entire passage so it sounds as if she was
talking to someone. I would also encourage Gwen to read higher-level
novels that interest her. I could provide Gwen with a list of higher-level
mystery novels. For an extension activity, Gwen could keep a Reading
Log Journal. In this journal she could document her own reading goals.
She could also make predictions and reflect on what she read.
Suggested Activities to Promote Fluency Activities
One suggested activity to help Gwen with her fluency is "Reading with
Expression." "Reading with Expression" is a flash card game that
encourages the student to read with varied expressions. The
expression cards are placed face down in a pile. The student picks up
the card on top and then reads using the expression appropriate for
the card. This allows the reader to practice reading aloud with
expression. Another suggested activity to help Gwen with her fluency
is "Say it Like the Character." Students practice rereading a passage
the way they think the character might actually speak at a given point
in the story. Classmates can guess what emotion the student was
trying to convey when reading. These activities will help Gwen learn to
read with expression throughout an entire passage. This will prevent
Gwen from slipping into expressionless reading.