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Empowered by Innovation Nl EC DTU-70 Series Liquid-Cooled Digital UHF TV Transmitter More than great performance for your smarter operation NEC Corporation httpy/Avww.nec.com/global/prod/nw/broadcast/_ Select DTU-70 as your principal digital transmitter; it must be a good choice for your ideal DTV operation. DTU-70 series is the newest model of digital TV transmitter produced by NEC, which has been developed on abundant experience accumulated over many years history. As well as its compact body, DTU-70 series has achieved improvement of its power efficiency up to 25% compared with the former model. The new feature realizes reduction of Total Cost of Ownership. Also, the DTU-70 supports DVB-T/ DVB-T2, ISDB-T/Tb, ATSC digital standards. | Hioh Ettcioney (© Botter than 25% By NEC innovated technology, the DTU-70 Series realize ficiency values of more than 25%. -lnnovative technology > + VDD optimization of PA fr stable voltage. + Crest factor reduction with new exciter, and new non-linear ‘correction for keeping optimum performance, [| smatter Footprint © 14.3 kW por Rack Up to 14.3KW output power (average), using 12 sets of PA units, can be provided in a single rack. The occupied footprint has been reduced up to 63 % compared with the former model. 615 (W) x 2,000 (H) x 1,200 (0) mm can be considered as one of the smallest cigital TV vansmiter. (© Built-in pump unit and band-pass filter for same one rack with transmitter upto five amplifiers {| Flexible system Configuration Various system types can be proposed depending on flexible customers’ requirement, such as: * Single vansmitter * Single transmitter with dual exciter +141 System (Man Stand-by) * Active Stand-by Parallel Operation) “Nat System The latest technology in digital broadcasting eek) ‘The newly developed UASOOOGF power amplifier utilizing the latest high power LDMOS, and each PA can produce an output power of 1350W sverge Wh te ana benet fst rtcton chs eget exta ets sigh partis, fected pew, ow AC lage and Internal factors such as overvoltage and over current - : ‘Alitonally. the PAs equipped with RF over input protection, which has @ ‘unction of protecting the PA against excessive output power produced ‘rom the exciter due to human mis- operation and from the excessive Input power in case there le malfunction inthe cvider. n terme of safety features, the PA is incorporated with a RS-485 interface, enabling comprehensive monitoring and remote control functionality. uasoooaF ‘The compact Exciter is packed with NEC's state-cof-th synthesizer can be tuned to all UHF-band signals enables all-band direct rt technology. A conversion to a RF output. Higher or lower bit rates are modified to usable bit rates for flexible bit-rate adaptability for MFN for DVB-T, A truly impressi s ‘characteristic of the NEC's Digital Exciter is its ability to work in conjunction with “nim ‘other NEC transmitters asa signal processor DM Series Adaptive Digital Corrector (ADC) ‘Tne ADC automaticaly generates correction factors of non-lineary distortion and updates the correc 4 tion table without interrupting program service. Optimum sighal quality and service coverage are main- tained, protected from the effects of ambient temperature, aging and other factors. The ADC comes. Integrated in the NEC's Digital Exciters and can be used to generate the correction factor or preset correction. Furthermore, the ADC is capable of analyzing feedback signals from the TX output, includ ing intermodulation level and MER or SNR value. Automatic adjustment of the IMP/MER/SNR values greatly reduces the time required for maintenance. ‘Sample of improvement by ADC Functionality Benefits Pere ad * Maximum power of one rack is 14.3 kW that gives 63% footprint against previous series. * Pump and BPF can be builtin one rack transmitter for up to PAs that gives great saving of footprint and instal- lation cost, Pump Rack DTU-70 Series With optional LCD DTU-52 Sevies DTU-70 Series Digital UHF TV Transmitter Pa ‘The DTU-70 Series frequency-agile design, allows for the construction of an Net system, offering redundancy for maximized relabilty and transmis sion time. By using the latest Ni contoler, up to 8+ system are avalable. At any given time, there isa transmitter ready to be activated should one ofthe active transmitters malfunction, When activated, the reserve transmitter is immediately selected withthe requed frequency and parameter ec The liquid cooling system incorporates an — " @ system incorperal ‘Schematic Block Diagram of ninpinvanecdteteadcoour Tove mse] cnc features work togeter to cut nse anita | eg xchat 1S cea Seten oto naugtesumenre eer roz0| See and boosting reliability. Coolant feeding and Pr mal Seutch Shecnoutnveengest soos nao] ner ne ‘hybrid closed circuit, ensuring the coolant remains clean. There are two types of cool- Ing systems that can be selected from the transmitter models. "S type" comes with single drive and single pump and heat exchanger. “P type" comes with dual drive excite, redun- dant pumps and fan ofthe heat exchanger. Pump Rack Transmitter Optional Color LCD AColor LCD screen is avallable as option, which features an intuitve GUI (Graphical User Interface), making transmitter control, monitoring and rmaintonance extremely easy to perform. The log data nat only displays changes in operational status, including faults, but also enables verification of Felated data in case of system flue, thereby streamlining analysis of abnormal status. Frequency setting can be conducted atthe touch ofa button fn the Color LCD screen. GO eae) Tne DTU-70 Series incorporates a web server and SNMP agent, enables the transmitter to be conducted toa local area network for monitoring and contral of transmitter operations via a remote PC with a web browser. Whit also allowing a SNMP manager to monitor and contro from a diferent location atthe same time, Thus, provide a costefticient maintenance, whilst the transmitter i in operation and without the requirement of expensive measurement equipment. TeP/e e Netorc WEE Remate Convol System DTU-70 Series DTU-70 Series Digital UHF TV Transmitter Configuration of DTU-70 Series Transmitter Configuration Table DTU-70 / [1] [2] [3] [4] [4]: output Power [2]: system Type ToupatPower |S: Single Transmitter with Single Drive eet Cup ree Single Transmiter with Dual Driv, Multiple PAs Tae [saw R83) “aaKW 3]: Cooling Type eR BK :tiquid coating system TRS | 78K QF : Built-in liquid cooling system ans B5KW a7. aTkW Hl -oti mS rontion Please see the details below nil: Standard transmitter B : Built-in band-pass fiter, Bulltin pump unit and band-pass fiter for same one rack with transmitter Up to 6.1kW output power. Transmitter Configuration Table Equipment Composition [Sets] ‘Transmitter Qutnut | Madet ame a Power (Ousl Type Exciter ™* ™* ins Weight excter | Stee | PA | controt | rack | “Rack | Sizetmm) | ig) 2sKw | _oTu-rozAsPa 2 470 s7aw | _oTu-roraR7ea 3 310 aeKw_| _oTu-rovsRepa 4 380 eaKw_ | _oTu-7oreRIPG 5 590 ers 7aKw | _oTv-7a7RsPO ° * 500 1 2.0008) asKw | _oTU-7o~eRSPa 7 * 540 1.2000) srw | oru-vornvea | ; 3 1 500 josKw | _oTv-7onoRePa ° 20 v2.0 | _oTv-rorenoPa 10 680 1 sasKw | _oTu-7onansPa 2 740 reskw | _oTv-7oneRsPa 4 1030 1.230) ss.0Kw | _oTu-7oneRoPa. 16 * imo 2 2.00064) zionw | oTv-70/21R0Pa 18 * 1190 1.2000) zaskw | _oTv-70naRsPa 20 170 "Single Type is one Exciter configuration. Keorrespand to each output power above ——eeeeeeeeeeee DTU-70 Series Digital UHF TV Transmitter DU oc kiero Specification DVB-T Dve-T2 ATSC |sB-171 Output Power 2KW t0 25.5KW C1) 1LAkW to 17.5KWE1) at IM <-49 8 applicable in case of SDB-T/T> Output Frequency, 470-862 (Band NM) ‘Output Impedance 500 Trput ax 2x ASIT2-M, BNC 75.9 BNC 75.9 2x SMPTES1O, 1 xAS! (» pais, prepared for + x1P (ption) BNC 759 BNC 750 hirarchicad for DM-£1008 Power Supply Votage '380/4007615 V 3 Phase, 4-wire Voltage Fluctuation “15%, 10% Power Supply frequency BGO He 02% Indoors: 0010 45 Ambient Temperature Range naan Outdoors: 10 to +45°C or B00 to +4070 (using antifreeze and 3-Way valve system) 80% (ho condensation) Relative Humaliy ‘Standard Performance DVB-T Dve-T2 ATSC. |sDB-177 Frequency Stabiliy "S=1x 10-7 /year Unternal reference use) {ttis also possible to lock an extemal 10MHz reference) “Arpiitude-trequency 5 d8 (excluding BPA) Response Bandwiath 6.7, MH 5.6.7, MHz vez 6, oH Tntermodulation Products <-36 dB 36 d8 = <36.08 MER > $708 - - > 3248 {Modulation Error Ratio) SNR (Signal to Noise Rat) = Ears = vious Emission = 60a FOG Emission Mask a . 3 s0d8e with Output Fiter AX saety precautions] Tess nestor pete rag aM eat sb rare (© colaursn tn brochure may diller rom these ofthe acual unk, Design and specications ofthis product subje0! i change without ps For adtional information Please contact your nearest NEC sales offices or visit wwew.nes.com. 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