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From WICKED For Good Tor SATB* and Piano Performance Time: Appenx. 4:30 Arranged by Music and Lyrics by MAC HUFF STEPHEN SCHWARTZ Gently with rubato (J = 68) Eb BAB Piano Solo p - that peo- ple T've heard it said come in- to our lives for a AN EWG 2 J EWG Abmai? Dring-ing some-thing we must learn; And we are led to those who Avda) Bb EWG Abmaj? AK Abmaj? Ass, ENG ay 9 bo NoT PuoTocoPY *avallable for SATB, SAB and SSA ShowTrax CD also wvuiluble Copycieht © 2003 Oreydog Mase ‘The srangement Copyright © 2004 Greydog Music “Ail Rights Reserved. Used hy Penson help us most to grow if we let them, cm? FUN Bisus BOTIAb Well, Ldon't know if 1 be « lieve that’s tr But I knowI'm who Tam to-day— be - EWG Awad) = AB Abmimai7) Cav ch iC ro “ Solo [] f= —S GH 5 = f cause I knew you. Soprano mp e Se a of Alto Like a com-et pulledfromor - bit, as it ‘Tenor ™p ae a [fp eee pes te FOR GOOD - SATB Unis. Ghar ae ee re ve +3 fr f ae ? : passes a stn. Tike astroamthat meets. howl = der ——_al-way through the wood! | I 7 2 a2 JT 9: ees ecey pp tt tit by t= SS Abmaj7(0030d)/Db Eb EWG E/Ab D> = Abedd9yC BD 3 [pater toe —_ ©. T ¥ —— a wb. La be: SE £ 5a be i ‘Who can say if I've_been changed for the bet-ter but, be-cause I knew you, Unis.p can say—— if I've been changed fur the bet-ter, Gm? Cm =) a tempo Solo? mp I have been changed for good. a a tempo It well may Awad) Fm? Avid) Bb BOT EWG utempy _ crese 2% FOR GOOD - SATB 2 that we will nev-er meet a-gain in this life-time, so let me 00, Abladd9) — FmT/Ab Gm Adadd9) Als 2 —_ say be-fore— we part so much of me is made of what learned from you. You'll be = ee —— FG Abladd9) Rb HG AWadd%) — FmI/Ab like a hand-print on my heart. I And now what-ev-er way our Unis. ‘You'll be with me like a hand-print on my heart. — cm FUA Bbsus Bb EWG = Abtald9) FOR Goop - SATB Know you have re-writ-ten mine by e-ing my friend. Abminsi7) Cm C AbmT — GhiCs /a wn Like a ship blown from its moor - ing. mf by a windoff the sea.—_—_Like a Ablot49 5 Abmaj70030)D3 Eb Ss seed dropped by asky - bird ina dis - tant wood. Whocan say if I've—been “2 2 b ’ ~ ' Who can say if I've been Cm! Bb BBI/AD EWG = Fm 45 FOR GOOD - SATB changed for the bet- ter, — Gm? cm [52] A Little Faster (= 80) mf I have been changed - for g00d. Aud just to clear the alr, I ask for- crese. nf’ mg —— Fm? BWA’ BOT Ablsus Ab? Db GB 3 Ce SSS 3 sive-ness for the things I’vedone you blamed me for. — But then I guess weknow there's y= AbTsus Abm7 Db _ | eee =a =. = J i Yo Le FOR GOOD - SATB ei a - ig So101 Seg — ri _ ce SS SS SSS ie Jia [=e blame to share, and none of itseems to matter an -y - more. — ; — oe 2. ae 3 tee PS ore we Bh AWC GhmajTW3YC> bm Dsus D> DHICh 7 Solo 2 [oo] 7 Like a ship blown from its moor-ing by a wind off the sea. tempo if eee ee oa —- ff =? steppers —F y com et pulled from or - bil, as it ieee al Like a SF atempo 2 =—s o > ae Ah, a tempo e So (oo) exc ont SF atempo FOR GOOD SATB 10 — Like a seed dropped by a bird___in_ the wood. ptt stream that meets a boul - der half - way through the FOR GOOD - SATB changed 7 changed for BF FOR GOOD ~ SATB for rit. the bet - ter. cm the bet = te, —— Slower Unis. be- cause 1 knew .you, 70| Even slower Avtads9) EWG u rit be- cause I knew you, be-cause I knew you, Unis, amgp ri dim, atempo Unis.p Cuviae Ip a tempo a rit % FOR GOOD - SATB HL08621340 er crole te set or honcass of laine noge ane 3999'7493 zs i performance license £1.25 0