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Web Maestro Assessment Sheet



You will create a web site for a client given by your teacher. The site should make use of a
master page and should allow the user to move from one page to another.
Tick the sentences that best describe the work you have done in these lessons.
Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

I have planned and created

pages for a website

I have made my site suitable

for a range of audiences

I have allowed users to

respond to my page (e.g.
included forms or contact

I have used appropriate text

and images in my site

I have used appropriate text

and images and described
why they are appropriate

I have used style sheets

consistently and can explain
why this is the best way to
create web sites

I have planned and created

links that allow users to
navigate my site.
I have evaluated my web
pages using given criteria.

I have used automated

features on my site such as
rollovers style sheets etc.
I devised criteria and
evaluated my web pages to
make sure they were suitable
for a range of audience

This unit shows aspects of Level

Skills Checklist
Reviewed others websites
Designed a structure for a website
Designed a mood board for the site
Set up style sheet/template/master page
Created a home page
Created pages linked to the home page
Made the site easy to navigate
Included images that enhance the site
Included rollovers or other extra feature
Written on printouts to explain how your
system works

Poole High School ICT

Tasks/Evidence checklist

Completed sheet reviewing other sites

Completed homework 1
Completed homework 2

Printed copies of:

Completed website
Completed review sheet
Completed workbook

Web Maestro - Assessment Sheet