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Regional Health Assessment

In Linn, Benton, and Lincoln Counties

What does assessment look like?

Health assessment is a cyclical, data-informed process.
Many organizations in Lincoln, Benton and Linn County
are conducting assessments of some kind, on different
timelines, and focused on diverse populations. Regional
assessment can streamline these processes while giving
groups access to high-quality, comparable data.
Documents relating to this process are often called
Community Health Assessments (CHA) and Community
Health Improvement Plans (CHIP). Data can illustrate the
health status and disparities within communities (needed
for the CHA), and inform health priorities and measure
progress (for the CHIP).

The purpose of the Regional Health Assessment (RHA) is to:

Strengthen community partnerships to support a

coordinated population health data collection effort

Create a regional health assessment

which meets core

stakeholder needs (with the ability to extract data by
county, Oregon Health Plan membership, age, and
other characteristics)

Collect information around assets and resources, as

well as evidence-based practices

Ensure sustainability of the process, with continuously

updated data and partner involvement

Ultimately, we want to paint a picture of the health status of the region, with
the broadest range of data available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this project incorporate all three of the counties,
while being based out of Benton Health Services?
This is a regional project, informed by data and partners across all
three counties. While project staff are physically located in Benton
County, leadership from all three counties and the CCO worked
together to craft the project. The data team will foster
communication and travel throughout all three counties to ensure
broad input by regional partners.

This sounds like a very ambitious project how will you get it all done in a year, while balancing
the needs of so many partners?
Our intent is to create a sustainable framework for future regional data collaboration. While we cannot fulfill all
potential data needs for every partner during the project timeframe, we will create a system with the capacity to
continue addressing community health status as new opportunities and resources emerge. This will include a
compilation of data needs and gaps with plans for obtaining that data when/if possible. Our focus will remain on
the health status of the region, as opposed to clinical encounter measures, or internal performance metrics. A
strong, flexible, and transparent process will help meet evolving needs and find new partners. As a community
member and potential partner, your investment and involvement is the best way to improve our work and
incorporate your voice and expertise into the process.

Who is financially supporting the project?

Inter-Community Health Network CCO has committed funding for this project for one
year, with clearly outlined project deliverables. The project is also supported with in-kind
services as well as a portion of a separately-funded public health associate.

How can we be updated on the status of this project?

We will use diverse communication tools to update interested partners on our progress,
and are always looking for input on new ways to connect! We are also available to share
project updates at community meetings by invitation.

Meet the Regional Health Assessment Team:

Lauren Zimbelman, MPH
Project Coordinator

Jessica Deas, MPH, CPH

Public Health Planner

Office Number: (541) 766-3547