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THERE IS A ZOO IN MY LIBRARY Reading Promotion Program

Submitted by Alicia LeRoux, EDSL 520

Schools Mission Statement: To create a child-centered school community which
provides excellence in education for life-long learning.
Reading Promotion Goal: To create a program that increases reading
comprehension data for third grade students. The ultimate goal is to increase the 77%
pass rate in 2013 which is down from 88% in 2012. Increasing success in reading will
help our students to become life-long learners.
Objective of Reading Promotion Goal: To improve reading comprehension for third
graders so that they will become successful students.
1. The reading program will involve creating enthusiasm over fiction books with
animals in them.
2. The ZOO Program will take place in the library.
3. The librarian will sponsor this promotion once a year. The plan is as follows-Timeline for Implementation:
Six weeks before: create and print all promotional materials
Five weeks before: ask teachers for a count of third grade students;
check inventory for animal books; if not enough, make a plan to order
Four weeks before: hang posters in library and throughout the third
grade wing
Three weeks before: send email to teachers about the ZOO library
Two weeks before: make announcements about the program to create
One week before: gather all books and make an animal bookshelf for
students to find books
4. The librarian will lead the program; give books to the classroom teachers about
animals to read aloud; will hang poster announcements; will display student
work; will create the I-Spy questions; will coordinate with PTA for prizes (small
tokens or better yet: books!). This program is for all third grade students.
5. Participants will include: librarian, third grade classes and their teachers.
Librarian will serve as organizer and coach for the program. The teacher will
assist the librarian by providing encouragement and enthusiasm about the
program. Students will participate by following expectations of the program (see
6. The program will be implemented by:
The book promotion will be called Theres a Zoo in My Library. Books will
be introduced to classes when they visit the library. The books will all focus
on animals. The idea will be for students to pick their own book about an
animal. Students will then create a poster to display. The poster will have a
picture they drew about their animal and three written things that they liked
about their animal. The librarian will create five I Spy questions about the
animals on the posters using information found on the posters, and each
should be about a different animal. The question will be read during

announcements and students can turn in a slip with their name on it and the
animal. One students name with the correct answer will be drawn and the
students name will be announced to the school. The librarian will also
announce the name of the book and encourage students who want to know
more to come and check out the book. If small prizes are available, the
student could win a small prize.
7. Communication tools needed: posters and announcements
8. The program will be evaluated with the following question: did the overall SOL
reading score increase for the third grade students? See the separate evaluation