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Earthquake is the vibration caused by the movement, which is the collection and the
sudden depletion of the energy of strain in broken, or in other words, fault plane of the
earth. This waves cause to vibrate near earths by spreading. Earthquakes that have
been caused by plate motion are named as Tectonic earthquakes. 90% of the world
earthquakes are tectonic ones. Second type of earthquakes is volcanic earthquakes and
they occur during the eruption of active volcanoes. As there is not such volcano there
is not volcanic earthquake. The third kind is collapse earthquakes and they caused by
the collapse of the gaps in caves in underground. As for Tsunami, it is the big waves
that come ashore because of the eruption inTurkey is a part of a geography where the
reality of the earthquake has to be recalled again and again, and Turkey has faced
many situations of earthquakes, with which she lives. This situation makes it
necessary to know the earthquakes well, take the precautions and practice the
activities to minimize the harm. Situation that earthquake cause has to be understood
profoundly and precautions have to be actualized by planning. Especially in
constructions, that earthquake risk and ground studies have be practiced has become a
A computer is a device that accepts information and manipulates it for some result
based on a program or sequence of instructions on how the data is to be processed.
Complex computers also include the means for storing data for some necessary
duration. A program may be invariable and built into the computer or different
programs may be provided to the computer. Today's computers have both kinds of
programming. Everyday computer its make my life to very nice because, I get all
information and the happiness. After that, computer can help me to work a home

Woman affair
Woman and men are certainly not the same but as a physical being and spiritual
equipped with the common sence and independence. Both are private have the same

right to grow. In the family the woman called mother. Mother who gave birth to us
and tread us to become a person. In addition to the household, woman also play a role
in community building, as in politic and government.
Plants are living things that are made up of cells. They need air,
water, soil, and sunlight to live. They cannot move from place to
place, but their leaves move to catch the sun and their roots move towards
water. Their seeds can be carried by animals or blown by the
We get food from all different parts of the plant: flowers, fruits, vegetables,
seeds, nuts, stems, and leaves. Grass gives us a cool, soft place to
walk. Some plants give us medicine, and trees are used to make
paper and furniture.
In this book, you will learn about how plants are classified (organized),
how they live, and how they make their own food.
You will discover that the world uses plants in many
different ways.
Over 270,000 species of plants have been identified
and classified, but scientists believe that there are
millions more waiting to be discovered.
Technology has a number of distinct characteristics:
1. It is Related to Science?
Although there is certainly a relationship between science and technology, there is,
except in certain high technology industries, very little technology that could be
classified as applied science. Technology is marked by different purposes, different
processes a different relationship to established knowledge and a particular
relationship to specific contexts of activity. Change in the material environment is the
explicit purpose of technology, and not, as is the case with science, the understanding
of nature; accordingly its solutions are not right or wrong, verifiable or falsifiable, but
more or less effective from different points of view.
2. It Involves Design

At the centre of technology lies design. That design is the very core of engineering
is affirmed by the requirement that all degree engineering courses should embody it.
The design process in technology is a sequential process which begins with the
perception of a need, continues with the formulation of a specification, the generation
of ideas and a final solution, and ends with an evaluation of the solution.
3. It Involves Making
The motivating factor behind all technological activity is the desire to fulfil a need.
For this reason all designs should be made or realised - whether that be through
prototype, batch- or mass- production or some form of three-dimensional or computer
model - if the need is to be truly fulfilled, the design is to be legitimately evaluated,
and the design activity is to have been purposeful and worthwhile.
4. It is Multi-Dimensional
Not only may design and production involve co-operation between different
specialisms (between, for example, designer, production engineer and materials
scientist), but may involve technologists in performing a multitude of functions,
such as working with others, operating within budgets, persuading decision makers,
communicating to clients and working to deadlines.
5. It Is Concerned With Values
Technology is informed by values at every point. Value decisions may be called for
not only in relation to the specific design criteria (i.e. aesthetic, ergonomic and
economic judgements, suitability for purpose and ease of manufacture) but also in
relation to the rightness or wrongness of a particular solution in ethical terms.
6. It is Socially Shaped/Shaping
Technological enterprises are determined not by advances in knowledge nor simply by
the identification of needs, but by social interests. Of the potential new technologies
available at any one time only a few are developed and become widely implemented.
In this way technology is shaped by society, by consumer choice. yet it could also be
argued that technology shapes society - the technology of the motor car, for example,
has shaped our environment and our whole way of life.

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