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and Analysis (Part 2): Awareness campaign


1. Create a table and include the following:
a. Formulate at least 5 research questions that you think are the most important to address in your Awareness campaign project.
(e.g. What can I use to engage my audience? What do most people want to know about this issue or concern? How do I make my Campaign available? How do you create
visual effects to catch peoples attention?)
b. Indicate the references you used to gather information. (Important: There should be both primary and secondary sources)
c. Summarize the relevant information you gathered.
d. Discuss the significance of the information to Awareness campaign project.

Sample table:

Summary of
How will the information help
Guide questions for research:
(Include primary and secondary sources)
research Information gathered:
in the Awareness campaign project:
1. How does this problem affects the
This website talks about a girl that
It will help because the people will see
needs help for the Christmas because what kids pass trow to get a good
he doesnt have a family.

2. How can we fix that problem?'s_rights
This website talks about the children
This could help the adults understand
rights that are the same as an adult
that we need conditions to live.
but with more specific attention
3. why does this happen?
This website talks about the different This could help understand to the
kinds if the kids rights. Here also
people that dont know the children
shows the statistics and haw many
rights to know about.
kids dont have those conditions.
4. Why is this happening? This website talks about the different This could make the government work
countries and that the government is In the kids education and health.
not doing anything.
5. Where is this happening?
This website talks about the different This could make the people
childrens in the world and that there understand that the kids dont have
are many people that are racists so
differences they all need the same
those childs dont get the same
condition as a normal one.

2. Write the design brief:

a. In 1 paragraph, summarize your analysis of the significance of the research you conducted.
b. In 1 paragraph, write your project proposal:
What are you making? (Brief description of your proposed product/solution)
Who will benefit from your proposed product/solution? (Target audience/users)
How useful is your proposed product/solution? (Purpose of the product/solution)

If you are not familiar with writing a design brief, check this example:

The things that I was searching it was to help me to understand the things that happen with the kids that dont have the same conditions that I have like a good school, a
good education, a good hospital to go in emergency case and many other things but those are the main ones. The research that I did it was for me to understand better the
topic and to know where it does happen and how.

Now Im going to make a campaign about children rights. I will talk about the different things that the kids need to live happy. My campaign will be for every adult in the
world so they could teach their sons when they grow up. My campaign will be a poster because it doesnt have so many words and it is attractive if it is well painted but in
my opinion I could put in the internet also because there is many people that go to the internet so that could be very helpful if the people understand why im I doing this