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Name: Nahed Habiballah

Address:332 Bleecker St. K 138

New York, NY 10014, USA
Telephone: + 970 599653277
e-mail address: habin358@newschool.edu

Objective: To be in a research environment that allows me to continue my research in

sociology with an interest in Political and Cultural Sociology

Ph.D. in Sociology (emphasis on Political Sociology and Sociology of Religion),

The New School for Social Research, New York, N.Y.
Dissertation: Aliens in Their Own Land: A Sociological Analysis of the Lives of
Palestinians in East Jerusalem.


MA in Human Rights & Democratization, University of Malta, Msida, Malta

Thesis: Right to Property: Its Implications on The Palestinian Minority on Israel.


MA in Womens Studies, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Thesis: Palestinian Mothers Telling Their Stories As Mother of Martyrs


BA in Archeology & English Literature.

Academic Experience:
Research Assistant
Fall 2011 Spring 2011
Worked with prof. Eiko Ikegami on Second Life project

Sociology Department: The New School for Social Research, NY

Teaching Assistant
Fall 2010 Fall 2011
Teaching Global Issues in Design
Parson School of Design, The New School, NY

Research Assistant
Spring 2010
Assisted Prof. Jeffrey Goldfarb in researching material for his book Reinventing
Political Culture
Sociology Department: The New School for Social Research, NY

Setting up a comprehensive plan for the establishment of a Refugee and Migration
Resource Unit at Birzeit University.
Funded by: International Development and Research Center (IDRC) Canada
Birzeit University, Ramallah, Palestine
2003 - 2004
Panorama (The Palestinian Center for the Dissemination of Democracy and Community
Development), Ramallah, Palestine
Responsibilities included:

Researched several Comparative reparation models that were used to

compensate refugees around the world. The goal was to identify these
existing models and compare between them in order to pin point the various
indicators that are relevant when formulating a compensation mechanism for
Palestinian refugees.
Identification and economic validation of real estate holdings of Jewish
settlements in the Occupied Territories.
Building a legal mechanism for compensation: to build a legal mechanism for
compensating Palestinian refugees based on international humanitarian law
and other relevant legal systems and constructing a body that monitors and
implement reparation
Drafting proposals: such as the need for a third party presence in the West
Bank and Gaza, transparency in governmental institutions and valuation of
Jewish settlements.
Coordinating between Panorama staff and our Israeli partners on the different
research topics mainly with (Rabin Center for peace and the Israeli Institute

for economic and social research).

Coordinating between Panorama staff and its task force.

Graduate Assistant
Eastern Michigan University (EMU)
Womens Studies program, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Responsibilities included:
Research assistant on Womens suffrage movement
Teaching assistant in Feminist Thought; a graduate core class.
Assisted in editing Arab Studies Quarterly Journal.

Professional Experience
2007- 2008
The Technical Group for Educational and Administrative Consultation, Amman, Jordan
Responsibilities included:

Research & development of training materials for teachers on critical thinking.

Translate and customize Critical Thinking assessment tools for students, teachers
and professionals which cater for the Arab World.
Assist in the training of trainers on Critical Thinking material.

Program Officer
2006 - 2007
United Nations World Food Program, (UN WFP): Vulnerability Assessment Monitoring
& Evaluation (VAM M&E Unit), Jerusalem Country Office
Responsibilities include:

Periodic Evaluations ( program and Cooperating Partners)

Ensure that WFP policies in terms of M&E are respected: Design, implement,
monitor, evaluate and guide on reviews through the cycle of the project.
Prepare periodic reports by reporting on M&E progress with possibly
corrective actions on the program.
Overall supervision of the monitoring of the operation for the program.
Monthly review of Cooperating Partners narrative report; build their capacity
to ensure that an accurate report is given to WFP linking VAM and modes of
Evaluation of the programs cycle.
Editing and writing reports.

1994 - 2000
Authorities of Antiquities
Archeological excavations and supervision, central district, (96-00)
Archeological excavations and supervision. Northern district, (94-96)

Workshop presenter
Al-Muntada The Young Scientists Club, Ramallah, Palestine

Carried out workshops with children in the areas of history, environment and
archeology using the critical thinking approach.

1- Israels Culture of Violence, Public Seminar, Sep. 3, 2014,
2- Gaza: How will it End? Public Seminar, July, 21, 2014,
3- The Israeli Future? A view from Both Sides of the Wall, Deliberately Considered,
April, 30, 2013,
4- Democracy, Israel and Egypt, Deliberately Considered, February, 15, 2011,
5- In Israel: A Two-sided Problem Needs a Two-sided Response, October 25, 2010,
6- Between Motherhood & Martyrdom: The Martyrs Paradise Myth, Canon
Magazine, 2010,
7- The Land of Figs and Olives: Cultural Identity in the Making, presented in the
New School for Social Research, Memory Conference: The Limits of Memory in
8- Interviews with Mothers of Martyrs of the Aqsa Intifada, Arab Studies Quarterly,
Volume 26, Number1, winter 2004.

Deans Fellow Award 2010 2012
The New School for Social Research

Arabic mother tongue
English reading, writing and speaking
Hebrew reading writing and speaking

1. Professor Andrew Arato: Sociology Department, The New School for Social
Research, New York, NY, Phone Number: 212.229.5737 ext.3124,
Email: Arato@newschool.edu
2. Professor Jeffrey Goldfarb: Sociology Department, The New School for Social
Research, New York, NY, Phone Number: 212-229-5737 x3127
Email: goldfarj@newschool.edu
3. Professor Oz Frankel: History Department, The New School for Social Research,
New York, NY, Phone Number:212.229.5376 x4924
Email: FrankelO@newschool.edu
4. Professor Eiko Ikegami: Sociology Department, The New School for Social
Research, 6 East 16th Street, Room 918, New York, NY 10003, phone number:
212-229-5737 x 4925
E-mail: ikegamiE1@newschool.edu