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Correction of Entry/ies through R.A.

1. Accomplished Petition Form RA9048 1.1 (CCE);
2. If petitioner is not the document owner or any of the parents, then attach
Power-of- Attorney;
3. Certificate of Birth (NSO copy)
4. Certificate of Birth (Local copy)
5. At least two (2) of the following:
a. Baptismal Certificate
b. COMELEC Voters record
c. GSIS or SSS record
d. Drivers License
e. Land Title/Certificate Transfer of Title

School Record

g. Bank Records
h. Others (as may be required by the Civil Registrar)
6. Required Clearances, to wit:
a. Certificate of Employment with no pending administrative case (for
employed) or Affidavit of Unemployment (for unemployed applicants);
Business permit (self-employed);
b. NBI Clearance
c. PNP Clearance
7. Payment/Fee:
Filing Fee for CCE

Php 1000.00

Mailing Fee

Php 80.00

Endorsement Fee

Php 250.00