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Department of Communication Internship Program

University of Maryland
Students name: Charlotte Taylor
Address: 8000 Boteler Lane, Apt 746, College Park, MD
Phone number: 301-915-7572
e-mail: ctaylo12@terpmail.umd.edu
Worksite supervisor's name and title: Melissa DiMercurio, Account Executive
Organization name: Van Eperen and Company
Address: 932 Hungerford Drive, Unit 32B, Rockville, MD 20850
Phone number: (301) 836-1516 (extension 600)
e-mail: mDiMercurio@veandco.com
Fax: N/A (Company does not have a fax number)
Academic Instructor's name and title: Julie S. Gowin, Outreach Coordinator
Address: Department of Communication, R2130 Skinner Bldg., College Park, MD 20742
Phone number: (301) 405-7323
e-mail: gowin@umd.edu
Fax: (301) 314-9471
Descriptive Title of Internship Position:
Job description including general duties to be undertaken as part of the internship:
As a Public Relations Intern, Charlotte will work closely with Account Executive Melissa
DiMercurio and her team. Charlottes duties include market research, drafting and distributing
press releases, creating and editing media contact lists, assisting with ongoing outreach, proofing
written pieces, compiling media clips, and other duties as assigned to support Van Eperens
clients. Charlotte will also assist with Van Eperens social media efforts.

The students work should meet this description, the student should receive adequate
supervision, the student should have a safe place to work, and the student should have the
opportunity to fulfill learning requirements.
The student should provide diligent performance of work, safeguard the interests of the
organization, and share information that may impact the students ability to do the job
including the level of internship course for which the student has registered.
Description of compensation including amount, how and when paid and treatment of taxes, as
well as, facilities, and supervision to be provided by the worksite organization to the student:
This is an unpaid internship for credit. Charlotte will have adequate supervision, as she is
working in an open office space with her supervisor. Charlotte signed a non-disclosure
agreement at the beginning of the internship, thus safeguarding the interests of Van Eperen.
Units of credit to be earned: 6 (require a minimum of 45 hours of work per credit)
Time frame of internship:
Start date: Tuesday, January 27, 2015
End date: Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Weekly schedule: 9:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

Intern: The student should follow the syllabus provided by the instructor.
Supervisor: The supervisor should write an evaluation of the student and send it to the
instructor by semesters end. It should be signed and on company letterhead. This letter should
verify the number hours the student has worked and give a descriptive evaluation of the quality
of work provided by the student during the internship. A copy of the evaluation should be
provided to the student. Please note that students will be allowed to view the evaluation.
Instructors access to evaluate the student
Early in the internship the student should coordinate and the organization should welcome an
onsite visit at the worksite for the instructor. The onsite visit should include a tour of the facility
and the students workspace, and an opportunity to meet and talk briefly with the supervisor.
Student Interns Goals and Objectives (including project plan)
Goal: Prepare to be a competitive applicant for an entry-level position in a public relations firm.
Objective: I will conduct two informational interviews with PR professionals at Van Eperen to
learn about their experiences.
Objective: In order to learn as much as possible about the PR industry, I will discuss my
assignments with my supervisor frequently and play an active role in suggesting new projects
that I can tackle.
Goal: Successfully pitch two news stories and contributed articles to reporters.
Objective: Observe Melissa twice as she pitches stories to reporters.
Objective: Research reporters beats and previously published articles to ensure that my pitches
are on-target for the specific reporter.
Project plan: I will contribute to the success of Van Eperens clients by assisting with media
outreach and crafting one press release and one contributed article each month for Van Eperens
luxury home and remodeling clients.
Weather emergency plan and absenteeism policy
According to the Van Eperen Intern Absenteeism Policy, I am entitled to one day off to study for
midterms and one day off to study for final exams. I am entitled to two sick days this semester. If
I opt to take these days, I understand that I may need to make up the hours at another time.
Van Eperens weather policy follows the Montgomery County Governments weather policy.
Therefore, if the Montgomery County Government is closed for a snow day, then the Van
Eperen office is also closed. If there is a snow day or two-hour delay, I understand that I may
need to make up the hours at another time.
Rights of the worksite in supervising the student
The supervisor has the right to direct the students work, hours, discipline, and termination.
Process of termination
Student and supervisor should share concerns with the instructor before taking action to
terminate the internship. The student should have permission of the instructor before
terminating participation in the internship. The instructor may remove the intern from the

The undersigned agree to the conditions, including any attachments, which shall be initialed, set
forth in this document for this internship.

Date Feb. 10, 2015


Date Feb. 10, 2015