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Before high school, I didnt have a full understanding and value of opportunity.

I discovered a
hidden potential that I never knew existed. Over the last four years a chain reaction took place that
ultimately granted me the skills and opportunities to develop as a leader. I am proud of my determination,
this accomplishment, and of the person I have now become.
It first started with our Future Farmers of America chapter. In addition to promoting literacy in
agriculture, the organization works to help students develop speaking and leadership skills. I was
approached with a chance to participate in the Creed Speaking contest. At the time, public speaking was
one of my greatest weaknesses, but I was persuaded to try. Little did I know that that opportunity was the
beginning of my venture into leadership. I advanced to a level I never thought possible, placing second on
three occasions and sixth on another that featured dozens of competitors from all over the state. This
contest led the way to the other highly competitive contests of Parliamentary Procedure and Market
Planning. I began to be less fearful of speaking in front of others and became more ambitious as I set
higher goals for myself.
I later realized that I could put these skills into practice within the school. I decided I would
pursue the role of drum major within our schools marching band. Our band emphasized the importance
of leadership by example and I hoped that I would be able to set such an example for the younger
musicians. I ultimately became the assistant drum major as well as section leader. My influence within the
school didnt stop there. My love for order and organization resulted in the founding of a new club that
could advise other clubs on the workings of parliamentary procedure. The club gained enough notoriety
that I was contacted by the Associated Student Body and asked to serve as their parliamentarian. While in
that position, I helped to successfully amend our schools constitution for the first time in thirteen years. I
am proud that I continued down the path I began four years ago, refusing to give up when I failed to
accomplish something. Every leader has their share of failures. For instance, I failed to be elected class
president or lead my team to a state placing. But I didnt let that hinder my willingness to keep moving
While developing my leadership abilities I realized that these experiences have changed me for
the better. I found that I was more accepting and considerate of of the opinions of others and was more
willing to help those in need. In addition, my communication with others has greatly improved to the
point that it is easy for me work with others and solve problems effectively. Everything I have
accomplished would not have been possible if it wasn't for the opportunities of the past.

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