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Maria Carmela L.


Reaction Paper
Jose Rizal is one of the greatest minds in Philippine history. Well, he
isnt called our national hero for nothing. He died for the welfare of our
Filipinos. He fought for our freedom and all he wanted was for us to be
justified. I myself can see why he had his ways, what the Spaniards did to us
was way too unacceptable. No justice was seen.
Watching the movie, I could sense the pain the Filipinos were in. How
the Spaniards burned their homes and left them with nothing. Who would be
so merciless to do that? Rizal ha such a powerful heart that he stepped up to
save us. But not only did he have a heart, but a wise mind as well.
I believe that Rizals mind had more to it than what he shared to us. So
much bright ideas, yet too little time to write all of them. He also made use
of his pen, which was as powerful as the tongue, to let us know how he sees
things. I also think that Rizals mind never goes blank. Like a waterfall, it
continues to flow with ideas.
As a student, I see Rizal as a man full of dreams, like me. He learned so
much to achieve a lot. Right now, struggling is so common in my life, with
my relationships and school. But like Rizal, that struggle must be an
inspiration to you to keep going. Like the time when he didnt want to go to
Spain, but had to for the betterment of the system of the Philippines. He had
to learn more about the Spanish culture and laws. He kept it in his mind, his
struggles. And so he achieved a lot. He was the top of his class.
From the movie, I learned that life isnt how you want it to be. Imagine
all you want, but life just keeps coming at you. Things may not be how they
seem, but from that, you will always learn something from it. Do not let your
mistakes define you, let them strengthen you more.