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Howard-Winneshiek Community School District

Individual Career Development Plan

Mid-Year Reflection and Update
School Year: 2014-15
Teacher Name(s)
Michelle Riedel



What progress have you made toward completion of the plan?

I just completed my first section with 2nd quarter 7th and 8th Grade classes using TAB and choice based
projects. I feel really confident with the response I am getting from students.

What are you learning?

I have revised some of my lessons and handouts and look forward to seeing how this next quarter goes. I
feel really confident that this is the right direction for the 7th and 8th grade Art Program. I have learned that
students have quickly adapted to designing their own versions of the assignments given. I was afraid that
students will be very nervous and fearful of this process and at first they were but the outcomes have been
so wonderful once they get over that fear of not being a good enough artist. I cant is no longer heard
in the art room, which is INCREDIBLE!
What impact is this learning having on you and your students?
Students have a lot more confidence and positivity towards their work. They are exploring materials that
they are interested in, improving their creativity and problem solving.

Explain any revisions needed?

I have simplified and revised various handouts. I have rearranged my website to help student navigate
where they need to go. I have added illustration challenges to exercise students drawing and creativity
skills. I have adjusted lessons and assessments to meet the new needs of the open-ended projects that they
are designing themselves.

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