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Personalised Feedback Sheet for IGCSE Section 4 - Networks

Name: Edward Terry

Target grade: A
General feedback/class needs:
There was a lot of material covered in this unit from the definition of a network,
to LANs, WANs, WLANs, network hardware, security, authentication methods,
video conferencing, Fax, Email and the Data Protection Act. This meant that there
really wasnt anywhere to hide if you didnt do your revision. Fortunately, for
most people, you did well on this test which shows that you have a good base
knowledge across the board in this broad topic well done.
Those who didnt do so well fell in to the same old traps:

No or little revision (and I mean practising the questions on my site, not

reading notes)
Not reading the question or relating to it in your answer
Giving short or one word answers when you need to explain yourself!

These three things should now be considered so basic that no one is making
these mistakes. There is no magic formula for passing a test and no one is just
better than you, it all comes down to how much work youve done and are
prepared to do. If you are able to sit yourself down, practise questions from my
site and test yourself then you stand a chance of doing seriously well.
Your performance:
Marks: 23/54
Percentage: 42.592592592592595%
Grade: E
Your personal targets:

1. To try harder next time. Also to get above 50%

2. To check through my paper to see if I have missed out any
3. To revise the names and uses of network hardware such as Hub, Switch,
Router, Proxy etc.

Copy out and answer fully questions 11, 13, 14 and 15.
11. A. Phones are more portable
A. Access internet anywhere with signal
D. Phone screen is smaller
D. A phone is a lot easier to lose.