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Get ready to celebrate Holi Festival in Gujarati


Wishing all

Holi- Saturday: March 21st 2015

West Springfield Middle School, MA From 4 pm
Preparations are on: GAWM Kids and adults are planning a fun-filled event for
all of you, so don't miss it!

Bring your friends and family to the 1st

GAWM Family event and overcome the WINTER BLUES!
Lots of dances and activities for all ages, Authentic Holi Puja
and Yummy food of every ones liking!

Cost: Member's family Free

Non-Member Adults/Teens: $20 pp
&Kids 6-12 years: $10 each!
Why not Become a member and save on all 4 events of the year!

Bring your membership dues with a form downloaded from

www.gawmonline.org, or mail you dues now to:
GAWM, 106 Capital Drive, West Springfield, MA 01089
Questions? Email: gawm12@gmail.com