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SPEL Meeting

Room 221 33rd Ave
Notetaker: Anne
Review team norms
o Quick Overview-sidebars to a minimum
o Brian will act as timekeeper
Upcoming PD for 95% group: Closing the Achievement Gap and paying for it using
our own PD money.
o Fill out professional leave reimbursement
o $199every 4th person free
o Email Ronda if you are interested by the end of the week
Upcoming PD with Marcia Henry
o $25 in Cedar Rapidsa great opportunity!
o Missed PD deadline (15 days)?
Update on SPEL resource materials
o In process of SDC labeling
o If there are materials that you need-Brian will try to get you those materials
o Google Doc-SPEL Core resource partners. In shared SPEL folder. Partner
with someone in the region. Will be shared with Lisa.
C4K Dept. of Ed. Task Groups
o Email forwarded to us from Kris Donnelly via Brian
o Need 3 volunteers to fill spots from our team 1 for each Task. Official team
membership TBD by state. Let Brian know ASAP!
Compare SPEL Mantra with SPEL Blueprint
o It fits perfectly!!
o Need to make our mantra fun! Give ideas to Brian.
Stay CALM and SPEL on
AcSPELerate Leaning!
Discuss SPEL Action Plan and Brians EWalk tool
EWalk-A tool for Brian to use to provide immediate feedback. Not
evaluative. Should spark conversation.
Will show percentages
Working with tech department to develop a tool that will be on his IPad
Looking for feedback from ushe will share document
Action Plan: revisit, look at rate/accuracy, write a goal for 14-15
o What questions are we trying to answer?
o What decisions can be made from collecting this data?
10:15-10:30 Break
Struggling Readers

o Examine Struggling Reader profiles and where they fall on the continuum of
each reading strand. Look at the resources and materials for Struggling
o Reader profiles with a partner, and align materials from 95% group, Learn,
Create and Implement and other core materials to align with struggling
Add materials or resources (for different levels of learners) and also
add what is it about these materials that work for this type of reader
This will take more than one meeting; today we are focusing on 95%
group materials.
Shared out a few before lunch
Ronda will update on shared documents on Google Drive
11:30-12:30 Lunch
Meet with Kelly Jones about Data Teams
Individually reflect on CLTs using rubric
o Looked at rubric. Where are our teams at this point? Shared in groups.
Discuss CLTs in triads using rubric from Kelly Jones
o Where are we?
Teachers are using data and planning instruction
Instruction is being based on a continuum of skills as opposed to
o What are the barriers?
Have not addressed standards/ continuum of skills
Background knowledge? New teachers?
Look at where the break-down occursunderstanding it isnt just
comprehensiona change of thinking
Understanding that every group is different
Limited time with teams
One person team
o What are positives?
Teachers are using data
Functioning teams
Positives are coming from the work

Meet with Kelly Jones about Data Teams

o For our next meeting (Oct. 21st): Instructional Data Team Meeting
Rubric completed on one team and add ROLES to the Data Team matrix
handout and complete this as well!!

Norms for Todays Meeting:

1.) Listen and Show Respect: 2

2.) All Members are Actively Engaged 2

3.) Positive and Fun: 3
4.) Follow agenda and connect to Blueprint: 3