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Game play
Game rules

Pacman is one of the class arcade game since
the year 1970s

Game play
The player scores points when a pill is
eaten and once all the pills are eaten
the player wins the level. When a
ghost touches Pacman the player loses
a life. In the corner of the maze there
are special power-pills that when eaten
allow Pacman for a limited period to
eat the ghosts and not die.

Game rules
Pacman can eat pills and scores
points for player (each pill is worth
10 points and each power pellet
worth 50 points)
Ghosts kill Pacman when they collide
with Pacman
Power pellets that allow Pacman to
eat the ghosts (the ghosts become
vulnerable and turn blue).


Up arrow key starts the game

S key is used to start or resume the game
Up to move upwards
Down to move downwards
Right to move rightwards
Left to move leftwards

The basic requirement to build the
game in java is workspace such as
eclipse or netbeans can be used
Java workspace contains the inbuilt
java package known as java applet
which is used to build the graphics of
the game.

Java applet
Applets are used to provide
interactive features to create the
window for game
Inbuilt classes like the key listener
and action listener class are
implemented in order to take the
keyboard keys and perform actions


Runnable interface class is used to

create the threads
Threads are used to create the
movements of the ghosts and
Each ghost have their own thread
which moves them on the screen.

From our work in this project we
learnt about the java programming
and built the pacman game in java