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Useful expressions for discussion and debate

Beginning a discussion:
Shall we start/begin?
Right, so lets have a look at question 2 which deals with/ which asks.
Well this is an interesting/ controversial/ tricky issue
Asserting your view:
I really feel that.....................
What I mean is..............
My impression is that
The point is that
I (personally) believe that..
As far as Im concerned
It strikes me that..
I think/I dont think.
I was struck by the fact that
The problem lies in the fact that
This is a matter of
This question leads to
Theres no denying..
As a matter of fact
You have a point there but.
Absolutely/ indeed

To a certain extent
I agree with you up to a point
I couldnt agree more
I'm afraid I dont really agree with you............
But the question is
The fact remains that
Im afraid that has nothing to do with
Its true to say that
I am persuaded that
Asking for an opinion:
Sarah, whats your reaction to that?
Jim, how do you feel about this?
Any comments, Mary?
James, what are your views on this?
Andy, anything to add?
I'm sorry I didn't catch what you said...
Excuse me, can I just say/ask.?
Sorry to interrupt but.
Yes, but.
Stopping interruptions:
If I could just finish..
Ill just finish what I was saying.
Giving reasons:

To start with
For one thing.
First and foremost
On the one hand..on the other hand
And on top of that
Giving opinions
I cant help thinking that
It is logical that
I have mixed feelings about
It is acknowledged that
Looking at this from a .. point of view
You/we have to bear in mind that
One of the reasons for
It seems (quite) obvious that
That is the reason why
You cant deny that
It would be quite disastrous/ interesting/ amazing for . if