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Rules and Regulations

July 1st 2014 through June 30th 2015

Policy review done annually
Cathys Family Daycare, Star 4
320 Veal Farm Road
Imler Pa, 16655
Phone (814) 239-5741
E-mail cathymae7@hotmail.com
The following pages were written to introduce you to Cathys Family Daycare. The daycare is
located 4 miles off of the Claysburg exit, and 5 miles off the Imler exit off Interstate 99. The
daycare is owned and operated by Cathy Burkett. Within this you will find a list of policies in
effect at Cathys Daycare for the period from July1st 2013 to June 30th 2014. Please read the
following rules and regulations, then sign and date the form on the last page in the space provided.
Your signature indicates you have read and understand these policies, and this form will be kept in
your file. You may keep the booklet for future reference. As always, if you have any questions or
concerns, please address them to me before it becomes a problem.


Full time care: Defined as needing care for 5to9 and hours per day.
Full time fee: 0 12 months $24.00 per day
13 -24 months $24.00 per day
25-36 months $24.00 per day
37-Kindergarten $23.00 per day
K 13 $22.00 per day
Part time care: Defined as needing care less than 5 hours per day.
Part time fee: 0-24 months $17.00
25 months-K $16.00
Overtime fee: $3.00 per 15 minutes late, after 91/2 hours.
Registration fee: You will pay for a week of daycare in advance.
Payment: Is due on Fridays.

However: you will pay your weekly fee rather your child attends or does not
attend. If
there is an emergency and I cannot provide care there will be not charge for that day.

Business Hours:
Monday through Friday 6:00 am to 4:30 pm

I accept private pay clients, and clients through the various subsidized programs. These programs
base your weekly childcare fee on your income and family size. Please ask if you would like more
information on any of these programs.

You are entitled to no charge show days as follows:

Enrolled 5 days - 5 no charge
Enrolled 4 days - 4 no charge
Enrolled 3 days - 3 no charge
Policies and rates regarding holidays, and vacation:
1. The following days are paid holidays, when they fall on a day regularly scheduled for care. I
will use a total of 15 paid days throughout the year. I will inform you in advance for the days I do
not have scheduled.
1. Labor Day
2. Thanksgiving
3. Black Friday
4. Christmas Eve
5. Christmas Day
6. Day after Christmas
7. Memorial Day
8. July 4th
9. New years Day
And seven days vacation unless one of the holidays fall on a weekend and I will take an additional
day or days to make my 15 paid days per year. The year will run from July 1st to June 30th.
If an emergency arises, I will give you as much notice as possible. In most cases, I will have
someone to come to care for the children, but you are required to have back up care available in the
event that this is not possible. You will not be charged for emergency closings.

Childcare planning agreement:

The typical activities provided for all children are language and literacy, math & science, music &
movement, social studies and arts. Children are taken outdoors daily weather permitting, we play
on the swings slides, yard toys, riding toys, and we will also go on walks. I do my planning for the
lessons and weekly activities during nap time and in the evening on my own time.
Daily schedule will be available for your reference:
I will ask you to use your best judgment rather or not you feel your child is able to attend daycare
depending on how you child is feeling. I prefer for you to keep your child home if he or she is
throwing up or with a high fever. If I feel that your child is too sick to stay I will contact whoever is
on your emergency list, unless you made other arrangements.

I rarely have a problem with discipline, but if the need arises, this the procedure I will follow.
Remove the child from the situation and remind him/her of what behavior acceptable.
Remove the child for a time out period to allow him/ her to regroup and calm down, and again
remind him/her what behavior is acceptable.
If the problem persists, you will be informed so that you can speak with your child about the
unacceptable behavior. If you receive three warnings about the same type of behavior, you may not
bring your child to daycare for one week. In this week, you should be able help your child control
there unacceptable behavior.
Hitting and other aggressive behavior is absolutely not going to be tolerated. Positive
reinforcement is used in every opportunity. I find that most children respond better to positive
rather than negative methods of discipline.
Meals and snacks:
I participate in the food program; which enables me to provide meals and snacks daily at no
additional cost to the parents. This includes baby food, either a fruit or vegetable, but I ask the
parents to provide formula. You must have your child here at the time indicated if he/ she is to be
served that meal or snack.
Meal and snack times:
Breakfast 8:30 am
Lunch 12:00 pm
Afternoon snack 2:00 pm

Nap and Rest:

Children will nap or rest during the day. Parents are responsible for providing a blanket for nap
Items from Home:
I suggest that children bring no toys from home, as this usually creates conflict. Children are
encouraged to bring a favorite blanket, suggested animal, etc, for quite him/nap time. Also please e
sure you child has an extra set of weather appropriate clothes. Please label items from home.
Parents of infants and toddlers still in diapers are required to provide diapers, wipes.

I must have an Emergency Contact Form on file the first day the child is in care. I also need to have
the last page of the Rules and regulations signed by the first day. Each child must have an
appropriate health assessment completed and on file with in sixty days of enrollment. Forms will
be sent home, as an update is required on your child. Failure to get these forms on file in time will

result I termination of childcare. On Agreement form parent will specify who may pick up children,
due to this they are the only persons I will release the children to.
Children are supervised while in my care. Child-Staff ratios are in accordance with Pennsylvania
State Regulations, which requires 1 adult to 6 children in a family setting for children in mixed age
groups including two years old.

Family& Staff Communication

Families are informed through daily contact and informed of child observation information and
progress through daily contacts and conferences held as list 2 times per year. One conference held
in September and the second held in January and if need a third would be held in May.
Partnerships with Family and Community
I will have notebooks that will be available if you have any concerns, questions that I am not able to
answer when you are dropping off or picking up your child.
The parents will also be able to use these notebooks for suggestions that you may have concerning
your child and daycare or the facility itself. I will review the notebooks weekly and follow up with
the parent if needed.
Parent Involvement:
Parent Child Reading Activities:
You as a parent will have opportunities to be involved with your child at daycare. I will ask the
parents to come and read to the daycare children two times a year, you may do this when you are
picking up your child, or schedule a time that best suits you.
Open House: Memorial Day Weekend
I will also offer a group activity which will be OPEN HOUSE during the year to enhance
knowledge and understanding of child development or enhance health education needs. And this
will give you as parents to observe your children and take a look at what their doing at daycare.
There will be a picnic to follow if interested in staying. If there is a subject that you would like to
know more about please let me know and I could use that for this activity.
Healthy Snack Activity:
Parent engagement and partnership policy:
I will have individual notebooks for you as a parent to write any suggestions or comments about the
daycare or questions that you may have that I am not able to answer at the time that you are here. I
will also hand out questionnaire annually to be filled out by the parents and any school age children.
This will also help me in the planning and decision making. I will review these daily and address
any questions or concerns.

Parents receive a listing of resources in the community that provide services to address the socialemotional needs, educational, mental health and medical needs of the family.
Community Resources:
I will have several handouts throughout the year on health and human services, wellness, nutrition,
fitness, and or child development. These will be taken from better kid care or other sources. I will
have the handouts in September and will be given during conference or when you are picking up
your child.
Medicine will only be given with written parental consent and in accordance with labeled medical

Emergency Plan:
There are emergency evacuations plans posted in my home and are practiced on a
monthly basis. First aid Kits accessible and replenished as needed. Emergency
phone numbers are posted near phone.
Smoking, Prohibited Substances and Guns are not prohibited in childcare
Child Abuse:
I am a mandated, reporter and required to report any suspected abuse.
Sanitation & Hygiene Procedures (for diapering, toileting, and cleaning and meal
preparation are practiced in accordance with PA. State License.
Cleaning and sanitizing procedure attached.
Checklist for safety is documented and done every six months are change of seasons.

Parents will receive documented reports on child observations on progress, behavior,
social, and physical development. Parents will be involved in sharing child
information on developmental milestones and skills.

Parents will receive information to assist in the transitioning of children from child
care to kindergarten.
In event of an Emergency and I have to leave the Daycare one of the following
people will be the substitute.
Kendra Burkett - Kendra has a BA in ECE and has all of her clearances, Kendra will
be working at the childcare mostly closing and more hours in the summer, her
schedule will vary.
Kelsey Cox Is currently taking classes toward her AA in ECE, Kelsey has all
trainings and clearances required for this position.
Courtney Burkett - Has licensed to operate her own family childcare and has all
trainings and clearances required for this position.

Thank you for the opportunity to care for your children. My goal is to provide a
loving, nurturing environment in which your child can grow into their little person. I
would like for everyones experience at my daycare to be a positive one. I think if we
are all aware of what each one expects from the other, this will be easily
accomplished. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to
approach me, you may contact me at any time.

Please read, sign, and return this page. It will be kept as part of the childs file.
I have read and I am OK with the rules and regulation policies.
Print name




Thank you,
Cathy Burkett


I give permission for my child to be transported by the Cathys family

daycare in case of an emergency.
____ I will be able to pick my child up within 15min. if an emergency, therefore I
do not want my child transported by Cathys family daycare.
Parent Signature
Thank you

Cathy Burkett