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Ive forgotten my password, how can I change it

without queuing at the Service Desk?
You can use Password Manager for your forgotten password or if you wish to change it across all University
resources (e.g. Student Mail, Portal, MyAberdeen)

Access Password Manager

Before you have logged on:

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to bring up the login window

Click OK

Click Other User

Click Forgot My Password

Or After logging in

Via the Desktop shortcut, Change Password

You can also access Password Manager from your personal computer via a web browser at

First time users must first register by verifying identity (i.e. your computer user name) and setting up your
personal security questions and answers (Q&A) profile.

Launch Password Manager via any of the methods listed above.

Screen 1: Verify your identity by following the onscreen instructions.

Screen 2: Click Register with Password Manager.

Screen 3: Type in your original password as chosen by you during e-reg.

Forgotten your original password? See section on page 2.

University of Aberdeen :: Learners Toolkit :: Quick Guides

The University of Aberdeen is a charity registered in Scotland, No SC013683

Screen 4: Configure your Q&A profile by setting up your personal security questions and answers
Your answers must comply with the Universitys Password Policy requirements, i.e.:
The minimum length of an answer must be 2 characters.
All answers must be unique.
[Note: For this reason, you will be unable to use your 'Mother's maiden name' as a verification
word for the 'Help Desk authentication question', as Password Manager suggests.]
Answers must not contain parts of the corresponding questions.

Screen 5: You have successfully registered with Password Manager!

Once registered you can select from the following tool options, then follow the simple onscreen

Forgot My Password allows you to set a new password.

You will be required to answer 3 of the questions you set up during registration.

Your new password must conform to the Universitys Password Policy.

Manage My Password allows you to change your password.

You will be prompted for your existing password before you can proceed.

Your new password must conform to the Universitys Password Policy.

Alerts allows you to configure Password Manager to automatically

send you e-mail notifications when specified events occur.

Tick the checkboxes next to the events you want to be notified about.

I Have a Passcode allows you to change your personal security

questions and answers when you have forgotten your password.

You should only use this facility if you have forgotten the answers to your personal security

You must visit the Service Desk in person in order to request and obtain a Passcode.

The Passcode is valid for 60 minutes from time of issue.

University Password Policy

must contain at least 8 and no more than 14 characters

must not contain the first 6 characters of a dictionary word, or the first 6 characters of your username

must contain at least 1 lowercase character (a-z), 1 uppercase character (A-Z), 1 alphabetic character,
and 1 numeric character (0-9).

may contain no more than 2 consecutive duplicate characters (i.e. xx is OK but xxx is not)

may contain sequences of no more than 3 characters (i.e. abc is OK but abcd is not)

Further information and help

Contact the Service Desk on servicedesk@abdn.ac.uk