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People People

Forensic Anthropology

Anthropology Is...
the study of people, both physically
and culturally

Average salary
Anthropologists earn around $60,000 annually
local government anthropologists earn a bit
lower than federal ones
local: roughly 58,000
federal: roughly 70,000

Study People Present in the Past

human remains: historical

studying old bones

reconstructing what a person may have looked like
- DNA breakdown

King Tut

Studying people past in the

Skeletal Trauma Analysis
- Bone fracture

implications for criminal investigation:

- type of weapon can be determined

Equipment needed:
- A good trowel
- proton pack (not necessary, but good to

Facial reconstruction
1) scientists examine skull, identify critical points
2) Information is plugged into an advanced computer
system, which will construct a face that can be changed
according to the needs, or whim, of the scientists (features,
skin color, eye size)

You Will Work in a Team

But sometimes you may work alone

Skills necessary
- experience with archeology, chemistry,
genetics are handy
- bachelors degree in forensic anthropology
- ability to make cereal

all forensic anthropologists can make cereal

Forensic anthropologists work both in the field and at a
Gathering evidence normally takes place at a site of
investigation, analysis takes place in a lab.
Risk of on-the-job injuries is low

Interesting facts
- It can be intense and emotional work

anthropologists handle human remains regularly

- existential meltdown not entirely improbable

Famed Forensic Anthropologist, and high school dropout,

Clyde Snow encourages his students to do the work in the
daytime and cry at night.

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