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Math Lesson Plan

Fraction Comparison
Lesson duration: 30 minutes
Standards: CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.5.NF.B.3: Interpret a fraction as division of the
numerator by the denominator (a/b = a b). Solve word problems involving
division of whole numbers leading to answers in the form of fractions or mixed
numbers, e.g., by using visual fraction models or equations to represent the

Objective(s): Students will be able to compare fractions and understand how to

use fraction bars to help solve math problems.

Materials: 4 copies of symbols sheets, 8 copies of fraction sheets, and a copy of

compare and order fraction worksheets for each student.

Procedure: The teacher will start out the lesson by asking the students what they
know about fractions. Once some of the students have answered, the teacher will
start the lesson by presenting the students with a word problem. The teacher will
read the problem out loud to the class.
At a picnic, Shelby and Danielle each brought a sandwich to eat. Shelby ate 2/3
of her sandwich. Danielle ate 3/6 of her sandwich. Which one ate more of their
After the teacher reads out the problem, the teacher will draw two big rectangles
of the same size on the whiteboard. The first one will be labeled Shelbys
sandwich and the second will be labeled Danielles sandwich. Shelbys
sandwich will be divided into three equal parts with two sections shaded in.
Danielles sandwich will be divided into six equal parts with three sections shaded
in. The students will then be asked again who ate more of their sandwich. The
students will see that Shelby ate more of her sandwich. The teacher will then
erase the whiteboard and read out the second word problem.
Ashley and Trista both had a chocolate chip cookie. Ashley ate of her cookie
and Trista ate of her cookie. Who ate more of their cookie?

The teacher will draw two equal sized circles on the whiteboard. The first cookie
will be labeled Ashleys cookie and will be divided into two equal sections. One
section will be shaded on her cookie. The second circle will be labeled Tristas
cookie and will be divided into four equal sections with three sections shaded in.
The students will be asked to compare each cookie and decided who ate more.
The students will see that Trista ate more of her cookie. (10 minutes)
Once the class discussion is over, the teacher will inform the class that they will be
playing a math game. The teacher will pass out the fraction bar sheet to each
student and tell the students they can use these sheets for extra help with the
math game. The students will be divided up into groups of two and each group
will get the cut outs of the fraction sheets and the symbols sheet. The teacher will
then tell the students to make sure each person has four different fraction cards
and the symbol cards will be put in the middle of the table. Each student will take
one fraction card and set it down beside their partners fraction card. The pair
should then determine who put down the bigger fraction and use the greater
than or less than symbol while the teacher walks around and checks each pairs
fractions. The person that put down the bigger fraction is the winner of that
round, and the students will repeat this three more times. (10 minutes)
After the game the teacher will collect the fraction cards and the symbol cards
and pass out the compare and order fractions sheet. The students that need extra
help can use the fraction bar sheet on the worksheet if needed. The teacher will
allow students time to finish the worksheet and they will be taken up. (10

Assessment: Students will be informally assessed by the teacher walking around

while the students are playing the fraction game. Students will be formally
assessed by the fraction worksheet completed after the lesson.

Accommodation: For students that need extra help, they can use the fraction bar
sheets while completing the worksheet and while playing the game. Some
students will be allowed extra time to finish the worksheet.

Symbols Sheet

Fraction Sheets

Fraction Bar Sheet