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LEAD THE LEADER WHO HAD NO TITLE: f ‘By: Robin Sharma he old way ofleadingis dead. ‘Kowa argantatios have a LEAD. we distilled everything ve learned into a step-by-step forma that ve shared in my new book, The Leader Who ‘ad No Tide: A Modern Fable om Real Success im Business and in Life (inion & Schuster) Hove ae nine sna moves you can make today to star changing the gameand erating exceptional ess ‘Remember That You Dont Ned A Title To Be A Leader Leadership has less to do withthe sizeof your tide than the depth of your commitment ve seen frontline employes taxi drivers and carpet installers doing ther work with the passion of Paso. Leadership isnt realy about authority ’s about choice you can make {odo your best work each and every das regardless of where you're planted Shift From Victimhood To Leadership No great career business, orf was ever created onapitform of excuses. Too many people lay victim at work. They blame the bos or the economy or he competition or he weather fortheirlessthan mediocre results Leaders Withoua Tile ae diferent. They pt that they have power may note the power granted through aie Hk CED or SUP Bu they bave Power And tat'sthepowertosee opportunity amigerises Thats the power to dive positive ‘change. Thats the power we encourage everyone on yout team. Andis the power step nto the person you've says longed tbe Innovate Or stagnate To Lead Wiehoua Ties wo leave everything you touch better than you found i Medios happens when people refseto change and improveall that they do. Look ehathappened 0 some ofthe big at companies because they slowed dowa their devotion to innovation. The ‘competition ate them for breaks. And, put some ou of business. The best eaders an the best enterprises have ange to improve les icha deep part thelr culture they know af no other way tobe And that's the edge that makes them ret ‘Become A Value Creator Versus A lock Watcher Success comes from the value you ad rather than from the “busy-nes" you show. Whats the point of being realy busy around the wrong things? Leadership iss game of focus Focusing on ever but smarter activites, the ones that cea real Value or your teammates, suntomers andthe worl at age Put People First “The business ofbusinssis people std Southwest Airines founder Herb Kllser We have ‘ton of technology yet ess and es humanity e's remember that people do business with People they lke, rst, and respect. One ofthe clients we've done leadership development ‘work with RIM. Yes, they'e a fast and innovative technology company, Bi they also get {hat excellent results come from people playing at excellence So bulld you tears Meet your customers. Deepen human connections. Treat thers with respect And pt peopl rst ‘Remember That Tough Times Build Strong Leaders ‘ook at any exceptional leader and youl tad tha they stepped into their leadership best during a period of erises versus calmness. To Lead Without Tt sto hunt for opportunity amid every adversity. Bvery setback has the seods of an opportunity. Companies hike ‘Apple, Goope and Amazon were built because thelr people leveraged disruptive times nt) brian wins And, because thelr peopereluse to give up when faced with ily. @ “MOTIVATED magazine GoTo Your Limits YOUR BEST YEAR YET LEAD 16, yu ly 5: Tete ngs st ‘ed espn ye ond hs are yout al een yur Detour yt 17 Rea your Bg evr ring wo restf be ward asleep 18. ea As Yu Think Jrnes Alena Mare Alen, atest ce sys. 18, Somtig as me ace ot enbess Focuses on making money na ore oncreaing vate. Sper es, ave mare Leave eveting you tn bets than you fue Bethe moet poste eon every un your own ace Stayt to yor dopet vas ne tea nano ak you nto 3 stomerendiond oe vty 29 |x | la 21. When you vee ss ve et our is on tel statenary inte oa Ais Shroged iy hn Hes 80 prom ster versus © ole mater, Farhan dng many Bins at rmesocry jon bins Camm ina great wrk hoe Give more than yo cant ot 4 Hav your 1151025 yas goas nerd on per re rae. The oy easiness at eoaite 9 of nesses enue Ey 7. Soop your eb 25" develope ot {8 Woar our hat on yr see hen 0. Bo aan vrs pte MOTIVATED magazine anor te Se versa at haere oon 2 2 cseod thier and eames ane oa he rd person yu et be wn yur pesson rd gong te eta. eae The autobiography of