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Resume of Gary Barker

336 Nature Camp Trail
Vesuvius, VA 24483
Work Experience:
Oct. 2013-Present:
Nature Camp, Inc.-Caretaker: Maintain and secure property in Vesuvius, Virginia.
May 2012-Sept.2013:
Lewis and Clark Fort Mandan Foundation:
Interpret the Lewis and Clark expedition and their time spent in North Dakota. Put together
and present programs. I also did renovations to the fort in the form of structural repairs, roofs
and rebuilt chimneys.
Oct. 1, 2010-Sept. 2013
Business owner/Manager: Carpenter/Building Preservationist specializing in restoring old
buildings built of log, timber and stone. I also do a variety of other work such as plaster
restoration. Fifty percent of my work is pioneer buildings for historical societies. I also do
building jacking. I've created some interior designs of my own. The other part of what I do is
modern renovations such as installing doors, windows and remodeling of all types. I do framing,
finish carpentry and bathrooms. Estimating and bidding. My projects are often challenging. I
always try to build in accordance of the International Residential Code. I can also read
blueprints. Preparation, preservation and painting of historical surfaces. Early American and
Nordic Interior Design.
Project management, Legal issues and computer applications in business.
May 2000-Sept2010:
YMCA of Minneapolis-Site Manager/Caretaker: Manage a large facility with 34 structures.
Some of which were built of logs during the 30s; others were stick framed and timber framed. I
maintained those buildings and did some restoration work on them. I troubleshooted problems
such as water, heat, electrical, mechanical systems and sewer. I maintained and monitored waste
water treatment, collection systems and water treatment, water distribution systems. I also did
all phases of carpentry and worked with contractors that performed all phases of construction.
Fireplace and chimney repair. I repaired, designed and built furniture. Installed ceramic tile. I
maintained equipment such as vehicles, tractors and boats. All these task I performed under
minimum or no supervision. I hired and supervised a small number of employees. Taught my
own discovery program for the kids. Hosted groups and did housekeeping/food prep. I handled
emergencies at all hours of the day. Taught stone masonry and traditional woodworking. All
operations accomplished under a budget. Cook and other dining hall duties.
May 1995-May 2000 summer:
Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources/Wildland Firefighter: Respond to and suppress fires.
Forestry work.

High School Diploma
Forestry and Wildlife Conservation
Attended Mesabi Community College, Virginia, MN and studied Journalism and Art
Pool Operator
Entrepreneur from UMD Center for Economic Development
Stone Masonry from The Great Lakes School of Log Building
Lead Safety and Energy Conservation of structures
Certified Interpretive Guide
Building Contractor's License, Class D #40060
Special Skills:
Historical log building restoration: Trained by the Minnesota Historical Society
Historical Stone Masonry and slab-stone earthen restoration: Trained by Crocker Limited,
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Volunteer Work:
Habitat for Humanity: Help with house construction