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Curriculum Lesson Plans

Deak 1

Friday, March 20th: Our Daily Routines

School: Albert M. Greenfield School
Grade: Kindergarten
Subject: Social Studies
Time Frame: 2:15-2:50pm
Goals and Objectives
Students will be able to: identify and articulate daily routines.
with prompting and support, create a schedule using specific time frames.
properly use sequencing words (first, next, then, last) to write out a

CC.1.4.K.B: Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to focus on
one specific topic
CC.1.4.K.W: With guidance and support, recall information from experiences
or gather information from provided sources to answer a question.
CC.1.5.K.A: Participate in collaborative conversations with peers and adults in
small and larger groups
CC.1.4.K.C: With prompting and support, generate ideas and details to
convey information that relates to the chosen topic.
Materials and Preparation
Class schedule for Mondays on PPT (highlight sections changing and words
added on each new slide)
Mixed Up schedule cut outs
Larger paper to post on schedule w/ time strip at top
Sentence strips for each student
Classroom Arrangement and Management
Arrangement: For parts 1and 2 students some students will be on a
square rug on in front of smartboard while student sitting at tables closest to
smartboard will be at their sezts. Students are facing teacher who has chair
at front center of rug. For parts 3 and 4, students will be at tables with 5-6
students at each table in their predetermined seats.
Management: Upon sitting reminding students to have pretzel legs,
syrup hands, and peanut butter lips. Student who are not facing
forward/talking/calling out during conversion will be reminded by the
mention of their name and asked to check that they are being a good

Curriculum Lesson Plans

Deak 2

listener, and/or will be reminded as others who are participating will be

praised. Students not raising hands will not be called on, and when those
raising hands are called on, teacher will remark Thank you for raising you
1) Priming the lesson/activating prior knowledge (10 min)
a. Pull up class schedule PPT
b. Who knows what this is? Raise your hand to let me know
i. A schedule, specifically for our class on Mondays
c. What do you see here? Raise your hand if you have an idea
i. Looking for: times, boxes, words, Monday
ii. May also hear specific words they know, that some words
look different (in italics)
d. This is what we do most Mondays. Some Mondays it is different
because we have a half day, or we do something like go to the
zoo, which we will do this Monday. But, most Mondays we do
these things, and we do them in this order. First, we have
morning meeting. Next, we have writing and reading. Then, we
have math and social studies. Then, we have gym. Finally, we
have snack and recess. This is our schedule for Mondays.
i. As say each section, advance to next slide showing that
section highlighted and words at bottom adding on
2) Explaining activity and applying (10 min)
a. At your tables you will be putting together a mixed up version of
our schedules. I will give you a long strip that has the times, like
you see here, and each of you will get one piece that has part of
our schedule. You will work as a team to put the schedule in
order. Does anyone have any questions?
i. Have one student explain what are going to do
b. Circulate as students put in order, offering help as needed
i. Check in with Table 5 first to ensure are clear on directions
ii. Check in with Table 4 to ensure they are working as a team
c. Once a few have finished, get attention by saying I,2,3, eyes on
me. Wait for attention. Once your table has finished, sit down
and take turns reading your schedule. You should use First we
Then, we Next, we. And Finally, we
d. Once all have finished, get whole class attention by saying I,2,3,
eyes on me. Wait for attention. Ask one student from each table
to say which order they put activities in
e. Now that you have everything in order, your groups will glue
down the pieces. Remember to take turns and ensure your
groups works together.
f. Have helpers bring our glue sticks and have students paste on
3) Writing (10 min)

Curriculum Lesson Plans

Deak 3

a. Get whole class attention by saying I,2,3, eyes on me. Wait for
attention. Please put away your glue sticks and put your eye on
me. Now that we have our schedule, we need to write what is
happening. Each person will be writing one part of the schedule.
For example, if you had the Morning Meeting piece, you will be
writing the First part. This would look like First, we have
morning meeting. Write this on small white board as you say.
Notice I started my sentence with a capital and ended it with a
period. Also, I knew how to spell all of these words because I
used my resources in the classroom. Where do you think I saw
these words?
i. Students should point out that they are on the smart
board, and/or that Morning Meeting is written on the
sheets among other noticings
b. So, who will be writing the First sentence? Write word on
board as say. The Next sentence? (do with Then, Then, and
i. Students should connect that the first goes with the first
thing to happen in schedule (morning meeting), next goes
with second (reading and writing), then with third (lunch),
c. Have helpers collect glue sticks and pass out pencils
d. Pass out lined strips for sentences
e. Give 5 min and 1 min warning when finishing
4) Closing ( 5 min)
a. We will look at these schedules again next week when we get a
new perspective on someone elses Monday schedule. What is a
i. Take 1 or 2 students responses depending on time/content
of answer
b. Please write your names on the back of your sentences. Place
your schedule in the middle of your table and put your sentences
on top of the schedule. I will know you are ready when you are
seated and your hands are folded and I will call you to pack up.
Assessment of Goals and Objectives
Formal Assessment: Arranging activities in correct order, writing correct
sequence word in section
Informal Assessment: Techer observations about students ability to work in a
Providing choice: Students have the option of how to work in their groups.
For students who find the work too challenging: Encourage them to seek help

Curriculum Lesson Plans

Deak 4

from group members, write out their sentence on a strip and bring it close to
them to read
For students who find the work easy/finish early: Can pack up and read or
draw/write in their journal till dismissal time