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CAS Activity Proposal Form

Student name: Prisca Beatrice
Proposed activity: Swimming
Date of starting: September 3, 2014
Day: Wednesday and/or Saturday
Approximate time: 2 hours
Name of Adult leader (supervisor): Pak Robi
Position: Swimming Teacher
Contact detail: 08216854793

Form: 5 (Action)

For the second action in my CAS I would be doing swimming. This is because in the past I have done swimming
lesson but due to the limited time, I have stopped swimming for about 2 to 3 years already. Therefore through this
CAS I would like to make this into both action and some sort of helping people. I will be learning the different styles
of swimming with hope to improve, refine, or speed up my swimming skills. During the holiday, I went to my cousins
house which is not far away from my house and I heard that there are a group of kids about 5 of them age 10-12, they
really like swimming but because they are poor, they are not able to do so and they are also scared to swim because
they think that they will drown and other fears, therefore I want to improve my swimming abilities and then
collaborate with my teacher in order to teach them basic swimming skills so that they will be able to swim.
Learning Outcomes:
Increased their awareness of their own strengths and areas for growth
Through this CAS, I will be increasing my swimming skills, therefore I can teach it to other people. Also with new
skills, it means that I am improving as an individual. Especially refining my swimming styles.
Undertaken new challenges
Since I have stopped swimming lesson for about 2 to 3 years, I want to challenge my self in order to improve my time
management. Also it will be challenging myself to improve and refine my swimming skills. Therefore this CAS will
be an extension to my skill. Since I will also be teaching the children, I will be challenging myself to work in an
unfamiliar area.
Planned and initiated activities
This CAS has been planned in detail, which is at first I will be improving and refining my swimming skills. Then after
the sixth meeting, I will start to teach the children about the swimming styles. Therefore I have communicated with
the teacher in order to collaborate with me to teach the children, after six CAS meeting with me.
Worked collaboratively with others
Through the CAS I would be collaboratively work with others. This is because I will have to make sure that I have
arranged my time well, in order to refine my swimming skills during the six meetings. Then I will spend the last six
meeting to teach the children
Shown perseverance and commitment in their activities
In the CAS, I am sure that I will stay committed during the first six meeting, to improve my swimming skills. Then I
will dedicate the last six meetings to teach the children. I am sure that when teaching the children, it will be a very
difficult thing to do, but since I have promised to do so, I will face and find solution to every problem that arises.
Engaged with issues of global importance
Helping the poor children in making their wish or wants come true will be helping in global importance, poverty. Even
though I will only be helping with small amount of children, but with small amount, I will be more focused in helping
the children learn skills in swimming.
Considered the ethical implications of their actions
I have considered ethical aspect in this CAS. Especially in making sure that I have patience in facing the children. I
think they will be kind of hard to communicate to because I will be giving them guidelines to follow in order to apply
the skills.

Activity Leader:
This student has given me the letter providing information about this CAS program. I am aware of the need for
evaluation and am willing to provide this.
Leaders signature:


Approved by CAS Coordinator: