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'Nuta, haven't I told you several times that you shouldn't talk to fruit market

sellers! That is not appropriate for our cast!' Mrs Meera Gurung shouted, while
sitting at the garden table, nicely placed under a mango tree. She was wearing a
silver sari with white trimming and sipping tea, which their Tibetan maid
prepared with great care a few minutes ago.
Mrs Reena Raja was sitting next to her. They were browsing though a cataloguelike photo album, full of pictures of different girls.
'Maya is a nice girl. She did modelling. She's finished university. They are a
traditional, hard-working family. Her father's got a factory. I think you should
introduce her to Veer.' said Reena, trying to move the dog away from her feet.
The maid came quickly, moved the dog and adjusted the parasol above their
heads. Meera looked at the maid, frowning, moving her head quickly, showing
her with her eyes that she wasn't welcome to listen the conversation.
The girl understood and disappeared behind the kitchen doors.
'Indeed. Maya is a great a girl. Very suitable for us! But you know.. Alex.. The
ghost of Alex.. ' Meera sighted, the tone of her voice became sad and she
spoke as if she was singing.
' I thought they split up?' Reena was curious.
'They did. And ufff.. how much money I spent asking deity for mercy. How many
temples I visited? How many archakas I spoken to' Meera gathered her hands in
a silent prayer, looking at the skies.
' So, the father brought him back from London?'
' That's right. Veer has to know that one day he's going to take over the father's
business. He's got everything here, private driver, private helicopter, maids, a
very nice house. But do you know what he said? He prefers living in London,
selling rugs in Camden Town.. a terrible place! He prefers living with Alex. We
begged him, blackmailed. We stop sending money. We tried everything. We
spoke to Alex. We offered her money. She refused. But one day, she just
disappeared. She left a letter to Veer saying she doesn't want to be an obstacle
in his life. She wants him to have a good life. I thought that was very thoughtful
of her. Veer was not born to live in a bedsit in Camden Town. ' The phone
started ringing and Meera signalled to the maid to answer the call, although the
phone was just next to her, on the table. The girl came as a shadow, picked the
phone up and left.
'And then, what happened then?' asked Reena
Nothing. Hes here now. Depressed! Spends nights looking at the ceiling and
spends days sleeping. He is not interested in the business at all.
And Alex, where is Alex now?