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Yearly, Harfly, Quarterly Employee Assessment Reviews…

Are many of the options and assessments a mask for poor investment and poor research
and poor listening…?
Instead of being evaluated over a 100% and the system being very difficult to use how
about streamlining the system using a universal system where some of the evaluation is
pure pass or fail. Surely that’s good for everyone.
This is all down to how you approach training in the classroom and online.
What parts on the evaluation is every one scoring high? This part obviously works and has
been simplified for all.
What’s parts on the evaluation is everyone scoring low? What type of evaluation is this? Is
one person scoring high? Evaluate and understand why this high score can this be
implemented for everybody on this assessment piece.
Are you taking the best assessments processes and then creating universal policy and
procedure from this?
What’s leading the gross change of evaluation every year?
If you are implementing change through technology and universal policy through learning
of the best processes of employees that’s great? If it isn’t why are you changing the
evaluation points every year and don’t say it’s the market? You are there to understand
standards and set standards. Any change especially a whole assessment is not getting the
best out of employees.
There is universal policy and job roles. This creates diversity and dynamic thinking.
What is your company actually gleaming from these assessments?
If you want employees to gain and assert a standard is that standard understandable and
attainable and accessible? Surely a pass/fail system would be better and remove scoring.
I designed the ’One Question to One Answer’ system for the Telecoms Industry. It had a
supporting system and was easy to understand. An assessment on this was easy because
you either passed or failed and the system was very easy to use for all employees.
Why make the assessment that hard? Why are assessment points so hard only someone
with 20 years’ experience can score high? What does that actually say with the current
By evaluating the system you use you can understand quickly the strengths and
weaknesses of the company no matter what size and shape.