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Review of Related Literature:

In less than a generation, computer technology has revolutionized business all
over the world. This has brought about changes in the area of business, finance, industry,
government, agriculture, education, health care, sports and even on our personal lives.
Today, computers do much of the works. Data collection continues to become easier and
easier, data processing is getting faster and faster, mathematical calculations continue to
be performed with increased precision and information is being provided to users in
generally more useful forms. Such that was made possible through the use of electronic
files and database.
This chapter presents some of the previous related works relevant to the
understanding of the problem. In order to gather information, the authors used books,
thesis and encyclopedia. The wide spread development of digital technology also results
to parallel advance in software, which allows this technology to be used by persons other
than computer experts. The database has become a central organized framework for
information system, taking advantage of the concept of data independence that allows
sharing among diverse system organized collection of data maintained and used with
the aid of management information system (mis). It is a state of the art information
system process and retrieve information ever faster, they are more robust in terms of the
volume of data that they can process and in terms of reliability; and their performance is
more cost-effective. The central component of information system, the database may be
distributed over a number of processor in different geographic locations, yet queries can
processed simultaneously against the composite database.