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Overview :The 5ESS-2000 Switch is a digital exchange that can serve as a local(lines),
toll(trunks), tandem(lines and trunks), OSPS(operator Service Position
System) or international gateway exchange, depending on the type of
switch. It can serve a small community with fewer than 100 subscribers or a
large metropolitan area serving more than 100,000 subscribers.
Modular Distributed Design :The 5ESS- 2000 switch is a digital switching with distributed processing.
Distributed processing means that multiple processors handle all call
processing functions. Many processors are distributed throughout the system
supported by a central processor. These distributed processors handle
second-to-second decisions that must be made to process a call. Call
processing, self maintenance, and testing are performed independently in
each module. Processors communicate with each other via an internal
digital network that links the module together.
The 5 ESS 2000 Switch hardware has three major types of equipment